Why Haven’t Aliens Contacted Us Yet? 👽👾

By Sumiitra Yiohan Sooriaarratchi

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Human beings have been bumbling along for hundreds of thousands of years and while we continue to ravage the Earth and wreak havoc; there is still no clear sign that any alien beings have contacted us. Sure there are many conspiracy theories and suggestions that ancient civilizations did adopt alien technology to build large monuments or that the U.S government is withholding information on aliens. Some even suggest that secretive U.S military locations like Area 51 are involved in cover-ups to prevent the public knowing the truth about alien U.F.O’s,

So why haven’t alien beings contacted us yet? Probably because we’re just not ready. Or highly advanced aliens might think it not worth making contact with primitive humans – who can’t even manage human affairs on one little planet.

In any event this interesting video explains how we are just not prepared for a possible post-detection event where the news of aliens spreads like wild fire across the globe and governments scramble to respond  to the situation. It will surely be a humbling event and a good wake-up call to humans who seem to have a superiority complex about how dominant they are on this planet. This “dominance” has led men to cause an untold amount of suffering on animals, trees, ecosystems, the ocean and other humans. The pursuit of so-called wealth and prosperity has driven everyone mad.

Back to the aliens. I hope that intelligent aliens will contact us soon. The only worry would be that we end-up being enslaved by the aliens in the same manner that we have enslaved or wiped-out animals and indigenous, tribal people on this planet. Perhaps that is what we deserve for being so callous to the feelings of other beings on planet Earth. Either-way it seems like man-kind is in for an interesting future with advances in Artificial Intelligence also making life easy and complicated at the same time. Intelligent aliens and / or intelligent machines will be challenging for us in many ways. 👽  🤖  👾

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