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I’ve been meaning to write on what’s been going on in Minnesota for a long time and here I am having found the ideal moment to do so.


Minnesota used to be an idilic magical 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️ place with serenity and peace. Minnesotans enjoyed this wonderful climate up until the Somali radicals who are actually terrorists running away from Somalia in Africa, were brought there! Unfortunately for all good Minnesotans, they were presumably brought their by the Catholics living in Minnesota to disrupt the peace for them. These terrorists and those who brought them there must be sent packing back to where ever the hell they came from.

WeThe People are hoping that with the coming Presidential Election and with the good intervention of President Donald J Trump, Minnesotans will once again come to enjoy what their wonderful state has to offer them. That being, peace and tranquility.

What WeThePeople are saying below ⬇️ is true not only of Minnesotans, but of all Americans.

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