WeThePeople Demand Justice‼️NOW‼️

By Sharmini Jayawardena

In 26th September 2020, a car plowed in to a peaceful gathering of Trump supporters in Yorba Linda California ‼️

Here are the details on this most horrific violence that the Democrats are wielding against law abiding citizens 👇🏽

Several Trump supporters were injured in this gross act of violence with one being bloodied and ambulances being called to carry the victims to hospital.

While other Trump supporters gave chase to the vehicle on foot until police deputies turned up and rounded the weapon of mass distraction on steroids‼️

She was pulled out of her car and arrested on the spot, as you can see here 👇🏽


The question is👉🏽 Will this criminal be charged and given the maximum sentencing and will the DOJ, (Department of Justice), stop 🛑 the Democrats from bailing her and others like her out, just as soon as she’s chucked in prison⁉️⁉️

WeThePeople need to know about all of this as this is what’s going on in the DOJ,

And, this👇🏽

WeThePeopl put it to Attorney General Barr and the DOJ⬇️
What are you doing to bring these criminals on the Democrat ticket for the Presidential Election, to book⁉️ Why have you not taken the necessary steps to arrest them so far, when so much evidence is lying staring in your face⁉️

Attorney General Barr and the DOJ ⬇️


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