On Why People Do Not Understand The Importance Of What Happened On January 6th

In the Spotlight

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

I’ve been reading many articles written by writers to important and esteemed journals and articles by layman alike on the storming of the Capitol on 6th January 2021. Not one single one of them with the exception of one, have really understood the import of what We The People did on that day by storming what actually is the People’s House.

The all too common mistake they make is to call it a riot!

The next mistake they make is to compare it to the rioting, looting, burning, murdering and the violence of the radical Left’s mercenaries 👉🏽the antifa and the blm groups!

Now, I believe you the reader who is also a writer or not a writer, will understand what I’m getting at here. That of the distinct difference between the two.

We The People who stormed the Capitol on that very important day for them, when the lawmakers were deciding the outcome of a long and hard worked for election, were convinced without a doubt, of the massive scale Election and Voter Fraud that had taken place in their entire Country‼️

We The People had no one to turn to‼️ Not even the President‼️ The radical socialist communists had seen to it that they had systematically eroded the power of the President himself, by targeting him for some of the worst attacks any sitting president has ever been subjected to‼️ The post below⬇️ gives you an idea of only but the beginning of a series of attacks leveled against the Patriotic We The People ‼️

Their ‘representatives‘ were inside the Capitol presenting the facts on the Election irregularities/ fraud, of each of the contested counties and states. Their friends and family were either sharing what was going on inside with them or they could see what was happening for themselves on their smart phones. Either way, what was happening was NOT good‼️ Facts were being presented and NOT one single one of those facts and evidence of irregularities/ fraud were been examined by The House‼️

At which point, We The People realized that they needed to do something about this. In fact when they set out to go to Washington DC, they put their life on the line. There was no saying what would transpire‼️ The reason being that We The People had been cheated on, fooled around with, robbed off of their Rights in the worst possible ways by the Democrat and the RINO lawmakers who were supposed to be their representatives, for a very long time‼️ The Patriots realized that those who were now inside, deciding their fate couldn’t be relied upon‼️ They were there, deciding the fate of America’s future‼️

The Patriotic We The People now outside the building, surrounding it, were not about to let this great opportunity of teaching those rogues inside the building a good lesson, pass them by‼️

They took it upon themselves to make their VOICE HEARD at last‼️ So, they STORMED THE CAPITOL and Very Rightly Did They Storm It‼️

So, you see, there’s a HUGE difference between patriotic We The People storming the Capitol with next to NO weapons on them, with a bare minimum of readiness like a homemade stretcher, drink and food on them, maybe, and a well healed bunch of violent mercenaries like the antifa and blm who are the weapons of the Left‼️

There’s nothing honorable or valiant about these scumb bags‼️ At every turn they, along with their handler Democrats and their provider 👉🏽George Soros and his Open Society Foundation and the international terrorist group 👉🏽the blm, come out as TRAITORS TO THE NATION AND TRAITORS TO WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA ‼️

No one or no institution or NGO organized their siege for the PATRIOTS‼️ No one nor any institute or NGO paid them for what they did‼️ The Patriots were not and are not in the payroll of any organization nor any individual ‼️

The Storming of The Capitol on 6th January 2021 by Patriotic We The People, was a sporadic spur of the moment spontaneous ACTION BY THOSE WHO WANTED TO SAVE THEIR COUNTRY FROM THE WORST FROM HAPPENING TO IT, by the hands of the traitorous ENEMY WITHIN‼️ The ENEMY WITHIN THE CAPITOL AND THE ENEMY WITHIN THEIR COUNTRY‼️

These PERPAT-TRAITORS of violence and intimidation do so for the benefit of their identity politics that thrive their individual groups and the individual persons.

Whereas, the Patriotic We The People fight to safeguard and save their Country, the Constitution of their Country and the Rights as evinced by their Founders, and reduced to writing ✍️ in the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights and the Declaration Of Independence‼️

The Patriotic We The People were there to #STOPTHESTEAL 🛑

There in lies the marked polar opposite differences between these two entities.

I must say, President Trump’s message to the Patriots to disburse in peace and return to their homes is the ONLY reason these Patriots withdrew and went on their way‼️ Or else, they would very well have set up camp there in DC, until they got what they came there for ➡️that being ➡️access to a free and fair Election‼️

Not forgetting to mention here how the cowardly airlines refused to fly the Patriots back to their hometowns‼️ This is not the only reprisal that the Patriots had faced through many years up until and in to that day‼️

The scourge that besieged We The People and the persecution of these Patriots that followed, with all sides unanimously targeting the Patriots, just goes to show what cowards and traitors these so called American radical socialist leftists and their RINO cohorts and GOP good old boys, truly are‼️

That Mitch McConnell is a two tongued viper reptilian illuminati Devil 👿/ Deep State cohort, who talks on one side now and talks on the other side next, to secure the millions he has made being in government‼️ There’s no saying whom that Mitch bitch is supporting, except I believe, himself‼️‼️‼️ This bitch is a good example of the bigger picture baring the rest of all of them‼️

They are all in it for the MONEY 💸💴💶💷💰💵, Power, Lechery, and Fame‼️‼️‼️‼️ Everything the CCP is getting them for, by the scruff of their necks, since they all have to grow a pair‼️‼️‼️

The Patriots who stormed the Capitol on 6th January were the gatekeepers and the custodians of the Nation who do NOT want their beloved Republic to be diminished in even an iota of a form‼️ And, that’s the TRUE REALITY‼️


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