We The People MUST Ensure >The Constitution Is Implemented! Now!

In the Spotlight

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

Meme by Don T. Mashak

In view of matters brought to light in the above statements made in the meme by Don T. Mashak , I would like to bring to the fore, the numerous pointless exercises by the Democrat and RINO lead Government, at the expense of the taxpayer. These motions were brought forth in Congress by the Cabal during the past four years, from 2016-2022, of the Trump Administration.

During the four years that President Trump was in office, the entire term was marred and scarred by numerous motions by Congress to bring down the duly elected president from office.

Let me also bring to notice what we all know, that all of those accusations and allegations made against President Trump and his close associates were nothing but useless political hit jobs, conducted and carried out at a colossal expense to the entire Country and it’s economy.

They carried on a consistent and relentless attack, either by commission or by omission, that amounted to a colossal waste of money, energy and time of We The People, and the Republic.

They are still at it.

The Christopher Steele dossier what we now know as #Russiagate, a humongous HOAX, was entirely created to make the Globalists’ agenda, that of a One World Government by a New World Order, materialize one way or another‼️ The amount spent on this cruel and pointless exercise alone amounted to over forty million dollars in taxpayer funds‼️‼️‼️

It goes on and on and never stops. Not even until they proceeded to try and impeach a duly elected, sitting president, which took an even greater toll on the taxpayer, would they stop‼️

Then came the fake mail-in or absentee ballot HOAX coupled with BigMedia and BigTech censorship and cancel culture, aimed at completely eliminating the President from the political foray, if they could.

They even tried impeaching the President based on a phone call‼️‼️‼️

It appears to be true that Biden and his Administration can print fake money just as well as they print fake ballots‼️

It is unbelievable to us, but believably so that only a gang of thugs can attempt and carry out such destruction and create absolute mayhem, and unleash such hatred upon a People.

How about these law makers and judges focus on cutting down on their spurious grand standing expenditure projects and spent money on what is important to We The People‼️ How about beginning by properly judging cases that involve the People, directly⁉️⁉️

Instead of judging cases on technicalities, cases MUST be judged on MERIT‼️ The time, effort and money spent conducting matters pertaining to justice is well worth it.

For justice to be maintained, the ‘Administrative Branch’ in Government needs to be stemmed right now‼️Where is the place for unalienable Rights and Natural Law as evinced by The Founders, to be established, in the midst of this corrupt and alien Fourth branch, which is totally antithetical to The Constitution⁉️⁉️

How we can do this is by staying close to what is enunciated in The Constitution and rightly so‼️

Americans MUST DEMAND that they be given fair and equitable recourse to justice, which is their birthright and inheritance under Natural Law as against Man made law‼️

We MUST all work towards achieving this most important goal. Let us all go back to The Constitution. Let us all fall back on The Constitution.

Implement The Constitution‼️

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