The latest and the most powerful weapon against man is half truths generation of fear .

This is the true covid 19 pandemic ,

It’s called fear

Fear enslaves you . Even if there are no shackles .
The latest weapon against man is proving very powerful.
As of NOW
MILLIONS of lives are in prisons
Trapped inside their minds
So many fears
Fear of breathing
Fear of dying
Fear of peoples breath
Breath of friends and lovers
Fear of lock down
Fear of shortages ,
Fear of the future
Fear making millions ill
By paralysing you .
Addicting you to fear
Fear is transmissible
More transmissible than covid 19
It takes is a click
On the phone
Fear is a thief
Robbing you
Of the only thing you
The ability to be present
Restless ,
Squeezing out joy
The mirror of our collective souls is
On evening news
Kills more painfully than
A covid 19 Virus
There are no vaccines for fears
The only way to defeat fear
Is to look deep within
Not to wage a war
And see it for what
It is
False evidence
cluttering your vision
And like all clutter
It needs to be rid of
If you want to see
Obscured and veiled
Sometimes all
It takes is
silence and
Clicking the delete button
Starving from fear
Is health
To your soul

By C

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