The Three Tiers

Of scones ensconced her
to a buttery one
with raising a puzzle
in her head
where a cock’s comb
drew her tongue
a salivating
for the perfectly
executed pie
n a mildly tasteful
feel of the
cheese quiche.

Breaking bread
with tongue in cheek
talk about
ham n cheese
of a cheesy past
of culinary etiquette
n historical black balling
by a salmon n an eggy
approach to life.

To top it all
was, a plethora
of, crusty chocolate
flan fanning the
taste buds along
with mango compote
in a tarty flavour
en-i-d’clair the
cream in a choux
a parte was a Huge

Two teas n two
for tea a complete
tease, with Orange
Pekoe n an Irish
Cream from

“mo cream n sugar?”

Service an
immaculate with
the entire
tea service n
table set for

But where o where
did the cake walk?
no beef with a roast
Sandwich either
that leave u
with that yearning
n a longing for

Written on 29th December 2015 by Sharmini Jayawardena

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