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The story of the birthday card continues from last year this time, when I kept reminding Sunari about making that birthday card for Leafblogazine’s 3rd birthday!

I guess an year’s passing has also brought us closer to perfecting more of our skills in blogging. This year for the very first time, I started creating memes on an app on my phone as I eagerly awaited my desktop 🖥 that was being gifted to me by family 🤗🤗

(I’ve written a post on this story. But due to all sorts of happenings or let’s say, occurrences in our lives, I some how forgot about posting it, until right now!!! So you can look forward to that one as well).

I couldn’t believe I was making all of these memes for free, of course. Had I gone Pro, I could’ve made better memes. But creativity truly surfaces when finding one’s self amidst sparse conditions. When you are strapped for materials, ideas truly shine 💡

So consider this birthday card an accordion 🪗 piece with two folds to it. I have to mention here, that I also got introduced to journaling and all of the many skills it brings with it, in this past year. So that’s where I got the idea to fold the card in that style of folding.

The first face of the card has the first picture down below ⬇️ and the second face or inner face of the card has the second picture on it.

So, that’s how it goes. The frame 🖼 of the first picture is a drawing ✍️ by me, for a journaling page I created for a journal 📔 I’m making for Sunari. I used it in the card for the pop of colour it brings.

The second frame is a story that Sunari wrote on paper and shared with me via an app. Just so you know these are all pieces of our own creations.

I ended up creating these two memes, which is indicative of the progress we’ve been making in the areas of both blogging and crafting in the past year. So, there you go, for a little history and dynamics on this birthday card.

Enjoy our virtual card for Leaf’s fourth, (active), birthday.

By Sharmini Jayawardena

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