An Hi-Sonic Entanglement

By Ginny Sophomore

Vroom〰️ra➿ ra➰ra〰️🎼🎵🎶SURROUNDSOUNDDDDDD

Yes. A party will happen as soon as my house mates leave to work today.

I have summoned the courage to call on my compatible other who never appears in reality but through this maze of connectivity that is made possible through song, through sound.

He, a known scientist had decided to put one of his fave subjects which was physics, and it’s most important area which was sound, to the test.

How far and fast can he communicate with his comparative other through the waves of sound.

The party 🥳 involves two individuals who are madly in love with each other. They find this out accidentally while exchanging messages through an app. All too briefly it was to be, as one day, some unkind persons interfered and broke this link!

Interrupt-us … setting them asunder!

They went hither and thither on the internet and scrambled through all of the apps and eventually found themselves in the app of sound. From there he the creator of all fantasies came up with his very own media.

He got transformed in to a radio DJ, an audio-video-phile, a chef, and a musician!

I downloaded the music and found he was there, inside that blissful music, a balm for my soul.

The reverberation of sound coming through to me as by radio 📻 waves, was making this liaison possible now. They were sounds that resonated with each other and with themselves. A truly deep connection was formed.

Is this sound living? Or was it even heard of? They were quite significantly wrapped in the feelings that sound made possible, generate, reverberate, to even care.

I switched on my phone to the downloaded music which were songs created and sung by him, expressly and solely for me. They felt each other as one groped for the other in these dark and little known recesses of sound waves.

It was like working through the matrix. A seemingly elusive yet real means by which they found each other.

No man nor woman nor even an alien 👽 could break this sound connection they had established, ever again.

The sounds coming forth through songs known as Oldies But Goodies or Oldies Classicos of ‘50s ‘60s ‘70s or ‘80s playlists or Englebert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Paul Anka, Matt Monroe and such, Greatest Hits ‘50s ‘60s ‘70s! At times, he was DJ-ing with original playlists. They were all derived versions!

Her mind drifts to that book, Extreme , where Sharon Osbourne states that Ozzy Osbourne takes a listen to the oldies and retro music by which he is inspired.

The voice that comes through the music this heart throb sang, is that of one person, singing different tunes in different tones. This voice had the inimitable power to sing different songs in different voices. This voice was alluringly gorgeous and sexy. A tenor a baritone, like the darkest, warmest wine.

He had chosen to transfer his feelings to the object of his desires of many thousands of miles away from his studio, through this maze of decibels.

When were the tunes going to play in unison for them to finally reach out to each other in reality?! When were they ever going to come out of this sphere and enter the real world? When were they going to reach each other and hold each other, two real people as one?

Or was this, that they experienced through the elusive networking, the actual reality? It was hard to say. That was the truth.

When he stepped out of that elusive veil what was he going to look like? For there were many attainments they had to achieve for the planet, before they came out as real people. Through their explicit behaviours they were to exhault the world.

No, not Incredible Hulk nor Superman nor even Ice Man – he had to step out in to reality as I knew him, as himself, but transformed into this all encompassing divine/human entity that he was.

This exposition had to be on par and in step with everything they had envisioned that was going to make the world beautiful. A place of kindness, peace, love and contentment!

Like a combination lock when equally matched, the notes and tones had to tally, had to configure in order to manifest this glory. That, when they got locked in each other’s forever embrace, the universe wound up unlocked embracing love forever.

When were these decibels going to strike the sweet spot?

Sometimes like right now, while my party is in full swing, he will sweep past me like a soft breeze, then scoop me up as if in a full throttled embrace and grab me by my haunches and hold me aloft upon his crown! Lol 😂 😆 😝.

Then to the beat of his music, he is swinging me around the room and placing me on the sofa 🛋 and he engages me in a dance ritual with moves that mean intercourse in its most alluring and transfixed form.

This, I have never experienced before. He just kept going for a very long time going in and out and round and round and up and about, then on and on and twirling around and this way and that and upside down and inside out and zig and zag and it never stopped!!!

I just wanted this fascinating feeling to go on!

It reached a crescendo and then an alto and then I had the worst body pains ever! My-al-gia.

The mother of all cramps!

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