The Utter Apathy Of The So Called WETHEPEOPLE of America!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

It’s been little over six months since I was involved in literally waking up We The People of America. With the help of just one devoted patriot who’s body of written work committed to the protection of the freedoms of We The People as reduced to writing  in The Constitution, it sort to achieve, I sallied forth.

I read through the entire 107 or more pages of The Modern Second Declaration of Causes just as soon as I got it, on my cell.

Modern Second Declaration Of Causes By Don Mashak

I was completely smitten 🥰 by it, and immediately after having read it, I posted The Document, (which is how it will be referred to henceforth), here, on Leaf.

Thereafter I was inspired by The Document to write a post on the present day Malaysian political scenario, thereby proving its universality!

The Document set out to create in me an idea of the entire political make up of America. So much so I think I have understood the foundations of American liberty even more than, and over and above, some of the given We the People, I dare say.

Having said that, I am very saddened when I say that in all of my associations with the many many We the People I encountered in making the Cause happen, only this single patriot, who is the author of The Document, came across as the one and only We the People, dedicated to the Cause of bringing liberty to We the People!

Don’t they know the dire circumstances they are in right now? Aren’t they aware that all of their liberties as secured by The Founders and reduced to writing as The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, are about to be robbed off of them from right under their very noses?

This is absolutely unacceptable behavior or the total lack thereof, on the part of We The People! Period!

Finally, I was even subjected to relinquishing my own First Amendment Rights, that of, Free Speech, in order that We the People may rally around to creating the Committees of Correspondence and Safety as advised by The Founders, that is imperative right now!

Having given up my right to free speech, I decided to delete my account from that social media network, as now I was in this absurd position where those who complained of their own right to free speech being taken away by that social media network and other such networks, were themselves  imposing that very same denial of freedom of speech, on other members of the same community, such as myself! Neither was I ready to be identified as one of the likes of such a vile and hypocritical group!

This is where I find myself. I am in this position where I have completely and absolutely understood the body of freedoms as endowed by The Founders of the American Constitutional Republic upon We the People of America. However, they are unwilling to secure and protect those very rights and freedoms, from being taken away from them. Taken away by the Socialist Globalists, who are in cahoots with that traitorous criminal George Soros, who is the very harbinger of the New World Order agenda along with The Deep State!

Update: Today, August 23, 2023, I have decided that I’m going to be more specific on what transpired during this time. To begin with, the patriot whom I’m referring to above is Don Mashak/ Don T. Mashak, and his document is the Modern Second Declaration Of Causes, as you know.

The work we set out to achieve for ourselves as mentioned below was as follows –  Let me start at the beginning. Don found me on Instagram in 2018. he shared the Document with me finding I was equally devoted to the Cause as he was. I read all of it and was completely educated.

He then shared with me the Twitter Un-followers list, which most people didn’t know the existence of, I believe, I didn’t. I then shared the Document with all of these people from  the List, who instantly woke up from their slumber and got activated. I’m not sure how many of them read through the Document though. But, I saw a marked change in activity on IG. The sheeple were no longer asleep.

One problem I had with these mostly Evangelical community on IG at the time was that they didn’t like my comments which were mostly directed at the democrat hypocrisy. My comments included as I remember, “Rust In Pieces” followed by the following emojis:  👎🤮💩 the middle finger emoji 💀☠️😈👹👺‼️

Rust In Pieces was a derivative of the American heavy Metal band Megadeth’s album, Rust In Peace ! In Pieces was a derivative of the American heavy metal band Slip Knot’s album, Disaster Pieces ! None of the  evangelicals on Instagram knew anything about this part of their own culture. The emojis are uploaded by our devices for us to share liberally.  By doing this, I was able to ward off the threats and aggression that the radical Dems wielded against the conservatives almost completely.  After this, IG was a safe space for the conservatives to operate from. So, these evangelicals are unaware of what my threats to the Dems brought about.

I also started the usage of the word, “Hijacked” when speaking of the Left having stolen our language, our Constitution and everything else they have hijacked from us. I’m also responsible for starting  the #FJB Campaign, later on. I did this by adding the said words to memes I created with mostly titles and photos of The Gateway Pundit’s links. To my utter surprise, I spotted them doing the rounds on IG. In no time, I find it catching on like wild fire.

That being said, you can read the rest of this post for what I have to say in continuation.

When I first walked into this place, I was faced with a very arid, sleepy and senseless environment where I found almost all of We the People completely asleep 😴 💤 Yes! You heard it right!

My friend and fellow patriot went about the massive task of sharing with me, as many as possible, of the Un-followers List of Twitter, numbering into the thousands possibly, who were fast asleep, so that I could request to be accepted by them and literally WAKE THEM UP by sharing the Document with them !

Then, the buzz was going around that 👉🏽We The People are AWAKE! A group was even formed, among many other groups, called Woken Patriots or some such. But, I had my serious doubts. For, when I proposed an important course of action as suggested by another patriot to start the fight first by getting into the school boards and working yourself into all other areas of Government, they were utterly circumspect.

I then left the Group. But returned when my friend and fellow patriot got me to rejoin, after I had  blocked the person who obstructed me. I was none the wiser, for it proved exactly what these ‘patriots’ were about, when they finally succeeded in getting me to give up my right to free speech.

(After all, I was only using words related to American culture that they knew nothing of. I merged the titles of two resoundingly successful heavy metal albums and used relevant emojis to attack the enemy with words and symbols! What’s so unholy about that? They would’ve all been pulverized by Soros funded trolls, had it not been for my unforgiving creative efforts!)

I immediately posted this comment on the group’s thread👇🏽

But this only resulted in one of them whom I had repeatedly requested to follow, finally accepting my request! Thereby proving without a doubt that the lot of them were in fact not interested in protecting their rights as given to them by The Founders! I even stated that the above comment is the reason for this person to finally accept me! NOT A HUM FROM ANY OF THEM‼️

So, what are these American We the People trying to tell me?

I have now realized that We The People of America have no hope! At least not just yet! Not until they WAKE UP, STEP UP, to the reality that they are governed by The Constitution and The Bill of Rights which are only substantiated by the Christian faith!

That👉🏽 the Rule Of Law is over and above the Rule Of Man! We The People must WAKE UP to the fact, and understand the reality of their God given UNALIENABLE NATURAL RIGHTS, GIVEN BY NATURAL LAW, and enshrined in The Constitution!

What is Natural Law? It happens when one is faced with a grievance and immediately the mind and heart meet, to ascertain its veracity and Establish Truth.

It is simple and straightforward. There is absolutely no necessity to involve one’s faith in all of this! As, In God We Trust! Your faith of course guides you as your own moral compass.

This is the reason why America is now experiencing a dilemma where Islam has come to fight and compete with Christianity!

Drop the bullshit, We the People! DROP IT! NOW!

So, the Evangelicals tried and failed to capture and grab for themselves, the very Constitution of America! Though one of their organizations, viz. American Center for Law and Justice, (ACLJ), did respond with an email in which they stated that they are for, the protection of free speech and the right to bear arms!

Well, that was a jot too late!

I have not abandoned the Evangelicals, however. They are very much around. I found out that they are involved in achieving great things to DEFEAT The Deep State!

I signed the Petition 👇🏽

So, all of this, only took me away from America and back to base where I will decide if I am to go it alone with possibly the help and assistance of one single patriot and take the good fight as he calls it, to the rest of the planet!

P.s. I am happy to say I was able to connect with a friend and great 👍🏽 patriot who’s also a great 👍🏽 fan of the band TOOL and he says: “Yeah I would love to be on there” (Refering to the post, COUNT DOWN TO LIBERTY)❣️ABSOLUTE AWESOMENES❣️

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