Spearheaded for Superhumanity

In the Spotlight

By Sharmin Jayawardena

Why wasn’t this world created so that those who die can return in the form of real ghosts, a silhouette of themselves and put wrong things to right? Intercede where justice needs to be done and so forth?

What is the reason religions have created this life and death situation where when you die you can never return?

If return to life takes place instantaneously after death, and the returnees have accurate memory of their past, then many problems regarding our planet could likely be ended.

Are organised religions conspiring with science and money, in support of an effort of the elite to kill humans off prematurely, way before their actual time is up by giving them man made diseases which they were never meant to have?

My foster dad, (I call him), Bapak Talib, left this world, sadly, on 9th November 2021, by a trick of fate! I had bestowed on him through my prayer, longevity of up to 180 human year when he was only 83! I know my prayers are always answered. But why did this most saddening of episodes take place?

Firstly, he had taken the deadly ‘vaccine’ or more rightly the mRNA, having been forced to do so by his physician who in my belief as in the belief of others around him, is a quack . Secondly, I believe the hospital authorities killed him!!!

Why are we killing off our golden oldies, the seniors, when they are our living treasures to be preserved for posterity to gain from their myriad of knowledge. They are our store house, our receptacle of boundless knowledge and energy! We are fools to the core for putting to waste, the best of us!

If they don’t watch their step with this Virus and all of its ramifications, they might just be sued through their asses by the South Indians. India is the sworn enemy of CCP China! Let’s see how this pans out.


I had to digressed into mundane life to prove to you that opposition to this quack business of the ‘vaccine’ is a real one!

Not to worry Bapak, I will pick up on you on the other side! That’s for sure. Your sad demise made my resolve towards that end, that much more a determined effort.

On my final communication with you on this planet, on the phone, you delighted me with this wonderful song you sang. I now know it was you saying good bye –

I wish I had recorded your voice that night!

We are moving towards and aiming for a disease-less society soon to be seen. Us, masses are not going to be lead by the nose or herded like sheep and cattle and be manipulated any longer.

The human genome was meant for super humanity, meant for success. Somewhere down the line the Devil took over and the bad people got on his side and destroyed life for humans as it were.

Humanity has never recovered from this greatest of all crimes perpetrated against them. Their very fundamental of all freedoms which is Life, being robbed off of them. It is time for Good to prevail over Evil. The time is now and the good people must act to stop this otherwise never ending carousel from creating more and more harm to people.

Who’s stopping us from taking back our lives, it’s we ourselves.

Just think about it – we are born and we grow up, then meet a stranger whom we decide to take closest to our bosom and that person becomes the all important factor in our life with whom you decide to have babies, create more humans and expand the species.

Think about it, you have been given the all important role of continuing in God’s or the Creator’s handy work! This is a huge deal which foolish and evil self absorbed socialists and communists and self obsessed globalists have put in the back burner, bringing sundry objectives such as political power, fame and fortune or money above all else.

Us right thinking people must never let this happen to humanity ever again. We must never ever tread that gory path ever again.

It is what it is. Temptation got the better of Adam & Eve and in this case Eve represents the liberal socialist Globalists!

Make it happen and we better make it happen.

Take back life.

The possibilities are endless. But, to name one of them, I believe our so called dead are transferred to a place, to possibly what is known as heaven, to us all, and are watching us from over there. They are there, waiting for a chance to be able to communicate with us. It is imperative that we contact them soon!

May this be our next launch towards advancement. Let us embark on this most complex yet auspicious of all feats, of communicating with our passed on and gone away. It will surely help us much in correcting the ills we face here on Earth, today.

The Christmas Carol goes like this – not for nothing –

“Hark, now hear the angels sing, a king was born today
And man will live for evermore, because of Christmas Day”




为什么这个世界不是被创造出来的,让那些死去的人可以以真鬼的形式回来,一个自己的剪影,把错误的事情纠正过来? 在需要伸张正义的地方进行调解等等?




我的养父(我称他为)Bapak Talib 不幸地在 2021 年 11 月 9 日被命运的诡计离开了这个世界! 我在他83岁的时候,通过我的祈祷赐予他长寿180人年! 我知道我的祈祷总是得到回应。 但是为什么会发生这种最令人悲伤的情节呢?

首先,他服用了致命的“疫苗”或更正确的 mRNA,是被他的医生和他周围的其他人强迫服用的,我认为他是个庸医。 其次,我相信医院当局杀了他!!!

为什么我们要杀死我们的黄金老人,老年人,当他们是我们的活宝藏时,我们要为子孙后代从他们的无数知识中获益。 它们是我们的仓库,是我们无穷知识和能量的容器! 我们是最愚蠢的浪费,我们中的佼佼者!

如果他们不警惕这种病毒及其所有后果,他们可能会被南印度人通过他们的屁股起诉,而印度是中共中国的死敌! 让我们看看这是如何实现的。



别担心 Bapak,我会在另一边接你! 这是肯定的。 你的悲惨去世使我决心朝着这个目标前进,这更像是一种坚定的努力。

我在这个星球上最后一次与你交流时,在电话里,你唱的这首美妙的歌让我很高兴。 我现在知道是你说再见——


我们正在迈向并瞄准一个很快就会出现的无疾病社会。 我们,群众不会再被牵着鼻子走,也不会像牛羊一样被人牵着鼻子走。

人类基因组是为了超级人类,为了成功。 在某个地方,魔鬼接管了,坏人站在他一边,摧毁了人类的生活。












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