Spread Kindness and NOT the Virus

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

In these days of the Corona Virus 🦠 spreading around the world, people have become all emboldened in the wrong way, even women, and talk back epithets to people you don’t even know!

This in my belief is absolute rudeness.

You have come to the point where you need to phone and check up on shops as to whether they let in the unvaccinated or the unvaxed and the naturally immunised!

This is pure UGLY!

Since when have people, humans, turned in to the unsavoury and the unpalatable? Since they allowed the Virus to take over.

It is impossible to believe that people have become so unkind to each other simply based on a stupid virus. Where have all your “Love thy neighbour as thy self” and good breeding and good attitude towards fellow humanity, gone? What happened to civility if at all, and ‘civilised’ living? The. Virus happened!

These days people are rude to the extend of saying things like – “Only fully vaccinated are allowed”! Like in the Nazi era when people were segregated as unclean, or in the apartheid era of more recent times or the ancient Indian practice of shunning people as untouchables due to their man created – caste system! Absolutely nothing has changed since Dickens!

As the human population advances in vast strides with the development of technology, this kind of ridiculing of those who decide to make a choice different from yours, can only be seen as backward thinking. Only those with no intelligence will resort to this mannerless behaviour.

The Virus has begotten a breed of people who are well worth being disbanded and dumped. They are the utterly and unbelievably impolite, ill-bred, uncouth and discourteous.

It is absolutely disgusting to find people like this manning or woman-ing the entrance to a shop or an institution. They no doubt represent the indecent nature of the entire outfit.

No person should be treated in this hideous way and no person should take this kind of bad treatment from anyone, lying down.

It is time for the better informed to act. You should not succumb to rudeness based on a calculated judgement you make. You should not allow others to take you to task for making an educated choice!

What these uneducated people are doing is absolute garbage 🗑. They should be tossed in the chute.

Since when did you making a personal choice end up with you becoming singled out as a prejudicial target?! What is happening to those who are vaccine noncompliant and those who are unvaxed or even the naturally immunised, today, is preposterous. They are literally targeted as the enemy. These vaxed idiots would shoot us all down if they possibly could. The eir they perpetrate on us is, that dire!

Nobody seems to be putting this disgusting behaviour to right! No religious bodies or religious organisations nor civil society nor government is even attempting to put a stop to this ridiculous and belligerent behaviour.

In fact governments encourage it so they can make pots of money through the pharmaceutical giants who produce and market the so called ‘vaccines’!

Those who are vaxed and are all emblazoned about it, virtue signalling, have become all superior than thou and have turned in to another kind of Virus themselves!

The point for us unvaxed is how to eliminate this Virus of vaxed people?!

This Virus known as the VAXED must be dealt with a severe arm and a leg. That’s all the language they will understand as they are the cowards and it is the cowardly who think that what they have done in fear of getting the Virus, is right.

Their abject fear knows no bounds! They give no benefit of the doubt to the unvaxed whatsoever.

Let us see what happens to this Virus known as the VAXED, when they are attacked by various forms of hitherto unknown health issues in the near future.

Even as I type, Google, the CDC or Centre for Disease Control, and others, are controlling the information being released on the many numbers suffering negative effects of having taken the ‘vaccines’.

There will surely come a time when things cannot be kept secret anymore as more and more of the vaxed get more and more sick.

So, my advise to the vaxed is, be courteous, be civil, be concerned for those who are unlike you. Be manner full and respectful and above all, be kind! For, before long, the tables will turn on you, and would you like being treated the way you treat us right now – like we were the Virus? That’s the million dollar question!

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