Where the beginning Where the end

By Ginny Sophomore

Not one of her partners with all of their needs, had left an indelible mark on her? That’s crazy they’d say.

She was still a virgin. After all of those times?

None of them took her to that place, that spot where she had always heard of but never known. Was it that, beyond expression. Was it that, beyond imagination.

When did it happen? When two people became one? Where was that point?

When you find that person who could not ever have enough of her, consumed all of her. Is it even possible that she would meet that person?

Her friend had told her that she wanted the love of her life to be someone who would never look at another woman.

She asked her friend the question, the very salient question that was gnawing at her mind – can you expect him to eat chicken everyday for every meal?

It’s something like that, right? Isn’t it not being fair by him.

But would you mind eating chicken every day? Really, she had never thought of it in that way, until now. Just thinking about it makes me feel something like – just because I look at someone else who looks picture perfect and symmetrical in shape, doesn’t mean that I believe this person could take me to that place, right!

She had not dated anyone for thirteen long years!

So this is how it goes. You don’t need to be looking at different people the whole time. That’s sick. But if you look at someone for his or her beauty then there’s nothing wrong with that.

I mean, we all like to look at whatever is beautiful to the eye. Beautiful people are just that. Beautiful.

Though they also say – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”!

Some may be beautiful on the outside but ugly in the inside. A very real possibility.

Just thinking. My friend is in despair that her partner looked at other people.

She needs to get someone who seldom looks at others and focuses on her the whole time. But isn’t that him obsessing on her?

If a person was glued to you twenty fours of the day, that would amount to him “stalking” you!

You don’t need that. What you need is to find that spot where when you get entangled, you don’t know where it begins and where it ends.

This is possibly the sweet spot that her friends keep talking about. You need to find someone who is after that very same spot. You may both not be aiming at the very same spot. But the spot none the less, you both need to be at. At least more than a few times in your life.

That would be great. The more you think of it the more you want to try going there.

I found what I was looking for I think and that is a once in a life time love to love for now and ever more.

It is this kind of eternal love that takes you to that sweet place that sadly few have given themselves up to.

It is a surrender. A sacrifice. It is a very pleasant and determined giving of yourself to your forever and eternal love.

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