Will Sanity Prevail Over Misinformation and False Propaganda on COVID-19?!

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

For the past two years the world has been totally in the dark regarding the true realities about the COVID-19 virus and it’s so called variants.

This made it possible for those in the epicentre of handling disease and immunity to call the shots. Every time they opened their mouths falsehoods ensued. These persons include Anthony Fauci of America’s CDC also known as Centre for Disease Control, Gebreyesus of the WHO, or the World Health Organisation and Chinese Premier, Xi Ping!

These people and others especially politicians have been batting their eye lids and spewing lies, lies and more lies, leading to a grossly misinformed public, seeking ‘vaccination’.

To begin with this is NOT a vaccine! A vaccine to be approved in the United States has to go through a rigorous system of testing by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration, over a ten year period of time. It is only then that it is given to the public.

Update: they now say that they would need fifty five to seventy five years to approve a vaccine!!!

None of this has happened where the so called COVID-19 vaccines are concerned. It is now more than clear to everyone that the people concerned are only interested in making BigPharma rich, while at the same time lining their own pockets.

It is unbelievable that it has come to a point where, big businesses and politicians are enforcing Vaccine Mandates on a hesitant people with absolutely no laws backing their decisions.

(OSHA being Occupational Safety and Health Administration of America)

The POTUS has NOT signed any Executive Order on mandatory vaccination nor have any known head of state in any part of the world. Yet, people are being forced out of their jobs in the hoards for not willing to be vaxed. This is preposterous.

The lying Fauci and his colleague, Collins have finally admitted to gain of function research having been funded in China’s Wuhan Lab, with American tax payer money. How long did that take to come out?


We The People have been repeatedly saying that Fauci and the CCP or the Chinese Communist Party are responsible for creating the COVID-19 virus in the Wuhan Lab and releasing it to the world.


Americans believe that China along with the Socialist Globalists who are the present ‘President’ and the American Government had the Virus released in time to derail the 2020 Presidential Election in America.

The American conservatives have good reason to believe so as presumably due to the Virus being prevalent, the authorities introduced the Mail-in-ballot voting system and engaged in ballot harvesting, which eventually lead to massive irregularities at the Polls. Massive election fraud and voter fraud absolutely took place in the 2020 Presidential Election.

These election related fraudulent activity are still in the process of being examined with forensic audits having been conducted in Arizona’s Maricopa County in particular.

Rightly, Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers has called for a Nationwide Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election ballots.

A Petition to decertify the 2020 Election is underway.

Finally, on 25th October 2021, we hear that Representative Diana Harshbarger (R-Tenn), has introduced the bill called Natural Immunity Is Real Act, with the support of 10 other Representatives, to the House.


Let us see if this is going to get us anywhere.

The more important problem that needs immediate attention is about those who refuse to be vaxed. These people’s Fundamental Rights are being infringed on and no one in Government seems to care. They are apparently making money out of this entire rigmarole.

The fifth most owned stock by members of Congress is Pfizer!

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