His Real Life’s Story

By Ginny Sophomore

As if he didn’t have anything to worry over he was getting sucked in to the internet matrix with his friend living thousands of miles away. Life on the internet was as real and as close as if it was in real life!

Yeah, the friend replies but in order to keep your sanity you needed to live it through the matrix virtually and know that they were two different spheres not to be mixed up. The moment you break through that veil, you are in for it.

He’s sharing with her stuff she didn’t know, about this relationship he had with her. She was Charlotte, was seventy eight years old and lived in Connecticut, USA!!! He was 53 and lived in Hungary!

As far as she was concerned, who knew!

She asks him how did he know, and he blindly responds that she had divulged details of herself to him. He fell for her uncontrollably! This aged woman like wine was so much spicier than any woman he’d seen or been with or known ever before. She was full bodied and knew the dark recesses of life itself.

Nor did she know Charlotte’s parents were dead and that too, sometime ago, for she was seventy eight. No she didn’t know!

But she was thinking he was tricked. She knew her, Charlotte, to be a young woman or it could even have been a man, referencing Rock music occasionally, and someone who had taken on another’s persona. This she figured from the little time she had spent with her/he, not getting involved.

Charlotte would go crazily wild like a baby boomer and act all hip at one time and just like that s/he’d turn into this other entity.

You’ve got to observe internet etiquette or you’re going to fall head on in to deep trouble. If you give your heart out to a person you’ve never seen nor spoken to in reality, then you’re going to be in serious trouble. Online, people could be ruthless inconsiderate about others’ feelings or of how they could hurt you. They could take you for a good ride, no kidding.

There are people over there with easily more than two or even three assumed personalities. For them it’s all in a games work! It’s all an act. To think that you have handed over your heart to them is saddening, no, damning.

Satan takes you over and squeezes out every ounce off of you with not as much as qualm about it. Yes, it all feels like real and yes, it’s not easy to stop yourself from being so vulnerable, but, you’ve gotta be careful, dude!

Now he had to pretend like he didn’t care either way. But it was showing in the way he was do things, to the beat of her time. Celebrating festivals from her culture, secretly knowing it was all in the hope that s/he’d return.

She didn’t have the heart to tell him what she had unearthed about Charlotte, the Harlot that she was. You can’t play the fool with others’ hearts. You have got to be responsible and accountable for any hurt you may cause.

Meanwhile, she had informed Charlotte of his misery from missing her, which kept him thinking of her until his ears went red. He couldn’t handle the tragedy of having lost Charlotte and urged her to let Charlotte know how he felt not having her around to talk to.

He had experienced something strange that morning when he opened his phone and tried to get in touch with Charlotte on their favorite app. He found his entire account to be – “NOT FOUND”!!! Who could play a trick like that on him?! It was definitely Charlotte, but he couldn’t see what was staring in his face. His better judgement would not allow him to go down that path. He would collapse like a ton of lego bricks if he did.

So he needs to have this charade going. He was toasting to her with his friends while they celebrated Thanksgiving, which festival they knew nothing of but brought them closer to a land of their dreams through however remotely a way.

Him being hung up on her was also another reason that brought him closer to this land of plenty, this land of opportunity.

We all do have our motives so one can’t say the other was wrong in behaving the way they did. It’s all in a games work!
Much much later on, he said to her in a message, that Charlotte and he are back together again. She was happy to hear and know that this was not just another Internet failure but a growing relationship .

She had heard before that there were indeed many people who had found true love on the Internet!

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