The Hillary Clinton Email Server: It’s time to move on to bigger things

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I was forwarded the following email by my dear friend, mentor par excellence and true patriot, Don T. Mashak, for my perusal and action on the Hillary Clinton deposition case and I have decided that I should further clarify the position regarding the Hillary Clinton emails and the position it occupies as of now.

Here is the link in question.

A quick web search also revealed that the Supreme Court’s decision not to have Hillary Clinton testify under oath on her private email server used in dealing with public affairs, was taken up around March 29th of 2021.

The prosecution was lead by the conservative watch dog, under a Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA), lawsuit.

I have good reason to believe that Judicial Watch will be doing its best to bring Hillary Clinton to justice one way or another.

The private emails of Clinton was but a drop in the ocean or only the tip of the iceberg where Clinton’s accountability as then Secretary of State, and after, is concerned.

There is the huge issue of the Clinton Foundation itself and it’s multiple excesses, looming large over the system of justice.

“The Clintons also agreed that the State Department would approve Bill Clinton’s speeches. Judicial Watch investigations (in partnership with the Daily Caller) uncovered that this agreement translated into the Clinton State Department rubber-stamping virtually all of Bill Clinton’s 215 speeches, which raked in $48 million in speaking fees while his wife was secretary of state.”

The Foundation having garnered a whopping 62.9 million dollars in the year 2016, saw its contributions plunge to a 16.3 million in 2020 however, according to The Daily Caller. This is a massive 75% drop in contributions for itself in recent years, which btw, also involved lining their own pockets while trading influence for money.

All this, while, as Secretary of State, Clinton agreed to “a strict memorandum of understanding to wall off the Foundation from conflicts of interest with the State Department”!

It is noteworthy that the Clinton Foundation was set up for the main purpose of funding the Clinton Campaign and possibly has lost its import by now.

However, the case of child trafficking involving the Foundation is more than ever present, and anyone of these accusations may bring Hillary Clinton to the stand some time soon. #ArrestHillaryClinton

Having said that, the Clinton private email server with 60,000 emails in question was key to her losing the bid for the Presidency. The 2016 Presidential Election was almost entirely won by President Donald J. Trump, due to this reason alone.

The Clinton emails have more or less served their purpose and to good effect at that.

Moreover, unearthing these emails may also bring up the question of private email servers having been used by other public officials. “Though conservatives have attacked Clinton for her use of a private email server, numerous members of the Trump administration—including Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, advisor Stephen Miller and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus—similarly used private email accounts and communication methods while in the White House.”

In this context it is best to let sleeping dogs lie, as it were.

It is time to move on with other matters where bringing Hillary Rodham Clinton to book, is concerned.

The accusations against the Clinton Foundation mount over and above expectations.

Apart from the financial excesses of money trickling into their own accounts, conflicts of interest and the issues relating to child trafficking, there is also the very real case of the many disappearances of close Clinton and Clinton Foundation associates and celebrities, who dared to expose those involved in the Foundation being engulfed in child pornography and in international pedophilia cartels!

The most recent high profile ‘death’ while in custody being that of Jeffrey Epstein, the renowned millionaire pedophile racketeer who owned and maintained the secret island, Little St. James, to where he carried politicians, businessmen and celebrities on his infamous jet, the Lolita Express.

Jeffrey Epstein was a key witness in the investigation in to pedophelia, child pornography, child molestation and other flagrant abuses related to minors and their disappearances and related activity that unraveled the worst case scenarios of these tragic crimes. Adrenochrome harvesting being the worst of the worst of these criminal activity, to be associated with the elite, which child trafficking aided and abetted.

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial now in full swing which the mainstream media refuses to cover, possibly due to members of its own business being involved in this insidious racket, could reveal some very real information for future arrests.

The sudden ‘deaths’ of Seth Rich, Chester Beddington, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and very recently of Halyna Hutchins, and numerous other close associates of Hillary Clinton are now known as having been SUICIDED!!! This includes the ‘death by suicide’ of Jeffrey Epstein!

Family and friends of these ‘suicided’ persons say there’s no way these people could’ve ever taken their own lives.

Who’s going to be next is the question! Will the system act to put an end to the list of the dead or are these grave crimes going to continue unabated?!

UPDATE: the jury verdict of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was guilty on all five counts. She received a 68 year imprisonment Sentence from the judge, in December of 2021! The point now is, will the authorities concerned arrive at a plea bargain which will be only for the express purpose of Maxwell agreeing to divulging the big names of those elite concerned, for a mitigated Sentence?!

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