The Pashionable Passionfruit

By Sereniti James

If you have not had it yet, you’ve got to try it soon.

The passion fruit is an exotic Asian fruit that grows on a vine and has maple leaf shaped green leaves with tendrils growing copiously on the stem. I found they ate the leaves in a sort of salad with scraped coconut mildly cooked in some parts of Asia. Its libidinous looking flower is a visual treat.

The pulp of this fruit pours forth as you cut it in half and spills on to your chopping board as you open it. Small shiny black seeds contained in small sacks of bright yellow juice is what you get.

You can eat it straight off the fruit like a friend of mine said he did of a nearly hundred of the fruits, (!!!) 😳😱or you can drink it as a juice.

To make a juice of its pulp you merely drop the juicy substance of the fruit in to a glass and beat it with a fork. Pour water and keep stirring. You can add sugar to taste with a pinch of salt added to it. Then strain it through a strainer or just drink it crunching the seeds as you do. Both ways it tastes yummily citrusy delicious 🤤 😋

Tangy is the word!

This is what I’m talking about ⬇️

The more shriveled the outer surface of the fruit the riper the juice within is what a vendor once told me. That’s something to bear in mind when making your own purchases. Although some people like the guy in the video below don’t seem to think so.

Just look at these flowers ⬇️ Aren’t they absolutely amazing 🤩

Enjoy 😊

If you are wondering about the ability of the passion fruit to increase your passion for someone in particular, you may not be far wrong about that either.

Its the strength of your conviction that matters the most in such matters I believe.

You can add the juice to any type of dish to which you want to give that pashionable flavour to. There are many desserts out there like the pavlova or a cheese cake to which you can incorporate the passion fruit.

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