The Post-Halloween Haunted Holiday!!!

By Ginny Sophomore

It’s been a good two months since Halloween was done and dusted, but it is never a moment not to talk tumbler talk!

He got his family of four together and drove for miles literally over a 200, to get to the Aubourne region which is famous for maintaining its vintage fervour.

The moment you enter its one horse town of a slim strip of Main Street, the preservation becomes ominous.

You step into this fave place of theirs’, a salon named after that great family that lived there in the years gone by and became famous for their family pass time, that of painting like artists do. The entire family all of painters!

Wonder what they painted?! He turns a sharp corner on the dirt track and they find themselves in this very old yet charming but enormous place. It looms large over them. It is the manor house or mansion of lives lived well. Home to another family the town boasts of having enriched themselves in the gold rush that brought everyone to the town to try their speculative luck.

He stops the car at the foot of the steps leading to its hallowed portals. Everyone spills out of the vehicle with their suitcases and just looks up at the top of what we are about to enter. It’s massive. “Far too big for us to even dream of living in”, however short a time it may be.

He was sure he had seen a much smaller place when it appeared on his computer screen when he decided on this destination for their holiday getaway. He could swear that he figured out the area regarding space in square feet and he remembered it being much smaller. He couldn’t believe that fate had decidedly played this trick on him.

The rest of his family were looking at him like what!!! And he could only muster a crest fallen bend to his head.

Going into the manor house, with a creaking sound coming from opening the front door made it clear that this place was at some point in time, the set for the tv series, The Addam’s Family.

Never to be detained the family went right ahead and inside through its entry and in to find out which room was going to be whose. There’s for the picking, it was not much later that they found the place had an eerie feel to it.

They were startled by the sudden appearance of a man who had caretaker written all over himself. He told them that he will be providing them with their meals which he himself would shop for and prepare. They could just decide on the menu a day in advance. They could do the shopping for groceries if they so wished it that way.

He disappeared to return with an antique silver tea set with tea and biscuits for them. Their fingers trembled while they drank their tea. Was this man, Joseph, even real? It was an haunting feeling all around.

After quickly downing their tea, they went straight ahead, exploring this strangely quaint place they had decided to spent their holidays in.

The only thing missing here that would’ve completed the haunted house scenario was that there were no spider webs and no gushing of winds breezing through and scaring the living daylights out of them.

Suddenly, Joseph appeared at the entrance to the parlour where they were lounging and sharing each other’s feelings about the place and how it could’ve been worse.

They were startled once again by him, in the process of making his appearance, he did. He was to then drop a line or two which made them understand that this place indeed offered a haunted holiday experience. Who knew?!

They never bargained for this adventure, they just found out seconds ago and was trying to adjust each of their minds to the fact of this reality.

None of them could use their individual massive bathrooms that evening with out another standing guard right outside it. They could not go to bed by themselves. They huddled up in one room for fear of having to contend with an uninvited visitor.

The irony of it all just escaped them for their fear was too much to handle. Why were they even staying another moment here was beyond their comprehension.

That night as they lay sprawled in their sleepless stupor, Helen had seen this turbaned man come sit beside the four poster, canopied bed they all occupied. He was trying to say something to her she could not fathom.

She was scared beyond scared but did not want to drive fear in to the others.

Later during their visit to the shops, they found out that the great big manor house was indeed haunted. The story behind it being a man servant having been murdered there so many years ago. This man would appear when ever some one spent a night in this particular room. His sole idea being to show some understanding person, the manner in which he was murdered. For he never got justice.

This is why you must check out a place thoroughly if it’s an old house, before you take it on as your holiday destination or any destination for that matter.

While they were at a cafe deciding where else they could put up instead of their haunted digs, a man came up to them and said he was interested in doing an amateur film 🎞 🎥 in that haunted place and could they be his props for the duration of his filming. This way he could shoot two birds with one camcorder as it were.

He wouldn’t have to spend on renting the place and he also got his actors. This was a win win situation they couldn’t resist. For never in their wildest dreams did they think they’d find themselves in such a situation!

That being arranged they continued living through their holiday in a haunted mansion with two other unknown people moving around the hauntedness and documenting it on film.

From then on the children were screaming, running around making ample use of the vast space and enjoying themselves doing so. The two adults seeing the kids enraptured, could do nothing else but throw hauntedness to the wind and relax knowing it was only but an illusion. An illusion to which they may very well return.

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