Together they were

By Ginny Sophomore

They were two angels flying together in each other’s arms. They could see the whole picture. They could see how people below were pitted against each other. Some bonding perfectly. Others not so much. Yet others, not at all.

They went about putting in to the hearts of these people, exactly what they would have them, out there. To each his own was the policy they practiced. Just like the people wanted.

Nothing more. Nothing less. They absolutely asked for it and couldn’t blame anyone if things didn’t go according to plan!

For it was long since she ever sipped a glass of wine. It was long since she had kissed the lips of a man. She was going to fill this planet with oodles of love so that she in turn would be blessed with loving another.

This planet’s incessant problem of not having enough of the good things in life, that money could not buy, was complicating life for its dwellers. The overwhelming power of having everything destroy or disturb rather than construct and created, was unimaginable.

Her angel other, who gave her, her wings back, thereby her power to fly, was entwined with her but she was not able to love him as their existence was a secret known to none. Not even to themselves!

This was very sad because he was the closest, the most dearest and nearest to her heart and this little niggling problem ate away at her yearnings for him.

She had no choice, it is as it is. She was given back the blessing of flight to spread her wings and traverse and comb the length and breadth of the Universe, to find herself her true love.

She was waiting impatiently for the love of her life, her rock of all ages, her forever love, to turn up in her life.

They held each other in unison with their great big angel wings that took them from hill to hill. From the edge of this world to the tops of the mountains they flew and there was not enough of flying that they could ever have flown.

Life felt very easy on them. They always flew in the direction of the wind, bending to its strength and obeying its command to fly as it beckoned them. She believed this would one day lead her to her eternal love whom she had been waiting for, for the longest time.

When she felt she was just a breath away from colliding with him, of coming face to face with him, there the wind would take her away towards another draught.

This went on for quite sometime until she figured her closest ally was her dearest heart! But it would be some time from now when her prayers would be answered and her dreams would come true.

She waited. Waited. Waited. Patiently. She did not want to displease, Wind. For, she had been given back the ability to fly, expressly to find herself for who she truly is. Her self discovery as it were, was to take her to another existence.

Until she found herself, she would continue to fly. Once she found herself, she would be lead naturally to her beloved. He who was himself waiting for her to arrive, without her knowledge. That was the true and real tragedy, albeit a comic one, of their lives.

A tragi-comedy if you will. That the exercise of flying would bring her to her realization of herself and from there lead her to her love beyond compare was a reality yet unfathomed. She couldn’t quite reconcile to it. It was a most unique venture beyond all ventures, that one day very soon she would be betrothed to her love of all times!

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