She had picked up this abandoned radio

By Ginny Sophomore

The radio 📻 she found in her grandmas attic while she was holidaying in her homestead was wrapped in a mass of dust and webs 🕸 🕸 🕸! That didn’t bother nor deter her one jot.

She immediately got to work on it by firstly cleaning it and then plugging it into the wall socket, which immediately brought it to life as who ever who used it last had not switched it off. So in effect, this radio had been playing non stop for an eternity. Or almost 😅.

And guess what it was playing, the golden oldies as the announcer said it was on 98.8! Amazing 😻!

The voice was singing exactly what she wanted to hear as she had been thinking of nothing else but her eager but entrapped lover.

How I Love You!

Reminiscing on her, gave him hunger pangs for passion for her love and deep devotion. Music was pouring forth from his being to wrap her around in an all encompassing embrace that never ended.

She was his dream of all dreams which he held aloft and watched as she lay there beside him enwrapped in a heavenly embrace. They circled the Universe and the Milky Way swirling through the black holes 🕳 now easily pictured in a multitude of his photographs. For he was an astronomer and an astronaut of sorts.

She was the love that he held so in awe while reaching out for everything right at the top, and holding her further aloft, all the time watching her while he did, never letting go of his gaze.

They knew each other so well. Yet, every time they came together it felt like it was the first time and nothing could waver their union.

Every time they met, as in an illusion, they felt like they knew each other like a book they’d read a thousand times but not at all.

Every time they faced each other, they knew each other’s hearts and read each other’s minds like a tarot reader would, but not quite.

It was an on going never ending ever yielding love that could not be tamed as they never gave in nor gave up. It was an all consuming love that which they had for each other. It was an all emboldening miracle of fates unsurpassed.

It went far, farther, further away from any living stratum. None could fathom its extent either on a level of this existence or another way beyond.

When they did meet somewhere in the near future, a divine future yet unknown, she wanted him to respond to her and react to her every whim without her having to tell him this is what she wanted him to do for her.

It was a riddle yet unraveled. A riddle that was waiting to be unraveled. A riddle when unraveled will beat all riddles known and unknown.

And the song plays 〰️➰➿🎼🎵🎶 “…in the morning mist/ Two lovers kissed and the world stood still/ …”

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