Democrats and RINOs in Congress are the True Insurrectionists and Domestic Terrorists

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The insurrectionists of the Summer of 2000 who lay waste to countless American counties and states, killing and maiming innocent people, committing arson, looting, destroying public and private property, are the owned and bought and paid for militants of the Democrat and RINO lead government of the United States of America ‼️. They are the  Antifa or the so called anti fascist and BLM or Black Lives Matter aka BlackLiesMatter as in head lice, and also mouth lies.

These militants of militant groups are the domestic enemies of America, who have conducted numerous acts of violence on unarmed American citizens, in violation of the Constitution, who stand guilty of crimes punishable to the fullest extent of the law. They were all released from police custody on fake judgements issued by pro-democrat judges and bail paid for by the Open Society Foundation owned by George Soros who is a violent pro-democrat billionaire who cunningly and falsely calls himself a ‘philanthropist’ ‼️

Why Nancy Pelosi and her tribe in Congress are afraid of the Patriots who attended a Trump Rally and protested a stolen Election at the Capitol on 6th January 2021, is because they know all about insurrection. What this means is they know themselves too well.

So what if the patriots stormed the Capitol which is now occupied by ‘representatives’ who do nothing to represent the People?! The Capitol is the People’s house after all. What are those ‘lawmakers’ doing in there anyway?! They should be joining the People in protesting this fraudulent Election and not sit on their haunches warming seats and lining their pockets with ill-gotten money!

Nothing to do with insurrection ever happened by patriot hands on the morning of November 3rd 2020. What actually happened and happened before and after that day is what must be termed a coup and a continuing coup against We The People of America and the United States of America, by the Democrats and the RINOs in government right now.

These domestic terrorists keep pushing the envelope further and further. Where is the baby formula? Sent off to some place called Ukraine, or the southern border for illegal aliens, where their real concerns lie. This, while American parents worry over what they are going to feed their infants. 

Nancy Pelosi dares to give herself and her underlings a raise on top of having increased gas prices and created an insurmountable inflation that has the U. S. dollar plummeting and grocery prices rising.

Where are they sending the money to, but US$40 Billion, to the Ukraine instead of using tax payer funds to protect tax payers by re-enforcing law enforcement ???!

You name it, and the Biden Administration, the Democrats together with the RINOs have successfully destroyed every single aspect of life in America they ever touched.

They occupied the White House fraudulently. They said they were going to take care of the southern border crisis, (which they refuse to call a crisis), and the Covid problem, within 100 days of assuming office! An year and a half into their occupation, and the southern border is in a surging crisis, while the Covid problem has gone beyond pandemic stage. Now people are dying and being made disease ridden by having taken the ‘vaccine’ that was supposed to have been created  to prevent the Virus from infecting them! The numbers of course are hidden from the public eye ‼️

Who’s in charge? Nobody! By now a responsible government which meant well by the People, would’ve resigned and called for an early free and fair election ! Not these rogues though! They are pointing the insurrection finger at those whom they have incarcerated for no crimes committed and openly states they intend to give them all life sentences. 





Look out – when the Republicans take over the reigns in the near future, remember this – we will be applying the very same laws or worse on you because your actions and inactions have been significantly overwhelming and unconstitutional, making them punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

To focus on the stolen 2020 presidential election, the real insurrection took place on the night of November 3rd 2021, when the election officials of key states packed off Republican poll watchers home, and counted fake ballots to give their presidential nominee a victory.

Joe Biden came into occupy the White House much against the will of the people! This coup in itself being a heinous crime that amounts to treason. The 2020 Election must be decertified. The Democrats are carrying  on regardless. 

Biden acts the fool just like the song says and his party members continue to trivialize important issues like keeping a border wide open and not requiring those who enter to be adequately protected against Covid, while unconstitutional mask mandates and vaccine mandates send hard working Americans out of job.

The Democrat lead Government is an out of control train wreck waiting to self ignite. All sorts of odd members of the Democrat Party and RINO Republicans come up with spurious mentally challenged out cries about anything and everything regarding our lives, routinely, on a daily basis. 

What comes out of their mouths is absolutely mind boggling and harmful to put it mildly. These ‘lawmakers’ need to have their heads or the lack thereof, examined by a professional. Everything they do and don’t do is in violation of the Constitution, which they pledged to honor and uphold under oath of office, which they dare to call –

““[It’s] certainly not sacred, let’s start there,” [Elie] Mystal responded. “The Constitution is kind of trash.”

This guy [or whatever pronoun it identifies with], is a piece of work. He clearly hasn’t studied history and his comments are anti-White which at any other time would be referred to as racism.”

He was retorting, “While discussing his new book: “Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution,”

“Mystal then continues to explain his ridiculous reasoning behind calling for the greatest founding document ever to be created to be thrown out.”” – TGP

“Mystal is grotesquely mistaken here, what with h/er mistaken identity and mistaken education and mistaken position in life!

S/he must be told and taught that people who looked like h/er in the seventeen hundreds were not interested in the Constitution nor knew anything about it except for a few who bothered to educate themselves. Those who looked like him and did educate themselves, didn’t think like him anyway, then, and don’t think like him now, today‼️‼️‼️“  – Leafblogazine 

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