Is Hillary Clinton the Deep State’s Scapegoat ?!

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

On July 4th, 2008, a certain young budding American saw a vision after she had inked and concluded a story that ironically had told the tale and machinations of the deep state and how it operates. It was written in the form of a piece of fiction. But it spoke of reality. Stark reality. Those who knew knew. Unfortunately not most of the people realized it’s import for their very existence.

She did not realize until she had recovered from it all that she had acted as she did on this Independence Day of America !

She was amazed that here she was actually communicating with a powerful force. May it be God or may it be the collective force of the Founding Fathers in concert, it was hard to say. Nevertheless, it was a formidable force.

This force was able to communicate to her that she was up against pretty much a daunting force to reckon with. She eventually realized that she was even talking to the devil himself. 

This other entity then took center stage and posed the name of some one she had never seen or known before. All she knows is that she kept calling out, “Hillary Clinton” three times over, presumably to the name it was posing. Just then she fell flat on her bed, where she was as these entities reached out to her.

Minutes later, as she recalls, she was rushing to the kitchen to check on the water she was boiling for a laundry operation which was never to be. Instead she was made to feel that this water was somehow polluted and if she even tossed it down the drain, it would pollute the environment ! So she did the next best thing which was to take the pot of water and pour it over her head, immediately running to get under the shower as she did !

She was in abject agony, rolling on the floor to make it less painful, screaming out loud as the pain seared her entire being !

As she looks back, who was it who took her to the kitchen to do the unthinkable on that day ? Who then  took her running to get in the shower ?

These are the contents of a tale that would take a book to the NYT best seller of all best sellers list. But this thought never even entered her head until now. Besides, in all of this you can’t possibly be self seeking and self gratifying. Nothing would ever come to pass the moment you think of self glorification at the worst.. 

No ! She was interested in making really great and enormous realities like eternal youth and a diseaseless society for all of this Earth’s beings and more happen !

What is the significance of Hillary Clinton in all of this ? Was she made to assume a fake persona that the deep state just propped up then used and abused to cover up their actual crime of making a Muslim, not born in the U.S.A., rise to the highest position in the Country, let alone the world ?? This in itself makes his presidency null and void !! Has anybody challenged this ? No ! Why not ? Up until today, Hillary Clinton is paraded by them as the pivotal notch in all of the woodworks of their misconduct. 

In this young woman’s belief, the reason the deep state was rallying round Barack Hussein Obama, who was a total unknown, a non-entity who was not born in the U.S.A., a Muslim, was to make America, then the rest of the world, into an Islamic hell hole ! The American people on both sides of the divide accepted him and even lauded him. They even gave him a second term in office ! Unbelievable !!! We now know all of those Elections were rigged !!!

From where I’m seeing this crazy carousel turning round, the deep state never intended for a woman to ever become the POTUS !!! The deep state’s actions as it turned the dial around, had the arrow pointing at where it said: Men Only !!! The Freemasons for example, is an entirely men only affair. No women are allowed. So is the world of Islam !!!

The globalists had reached a place through the activity of globalization, where they had successfully removed the cap that kept the African continent from bleeding into Europe – Mu’ammar Al-Qadhdhāfī, Chairman of Libya ! This was achieved through that of his brutal murder !

Africans were pouring into Europe in their hoards and not even a single European country had the strength to call it out for what it was – that being, mass invasion of Europe created by rogues of a hostile organization known as the globalists, who’s singular intent was to dilute the European identity !!!! The scourge has been going on ever since and not even a single European country has been successful in turning it around to date !!!

The deep state used Hillary Clinton there again. She as then Secretary of State to the Obama Administration was taking joy in and commenting on her great achievement of having done such a dastardly act that sickened the entire world. No questions asked once again by a single American. In fact they themselves thought it was a damn good piece of work. The Americans were lapping it up and gushing over the then unknown and now recognized as, fake news media. 

There was Hillary Clinton beaming to the cameras of the fake news media, owned, bought and paid for by the deep state, from end to end !!!!

By now Hillary Clinton had well become the poser girl for the deep state !!!

The globalists having achieved this goal now continued to put into place the other stops in their egregious plan of establishing their stranglehold on the human race and the earthly populace. They proceeded with their multi pronged attack on numerous fronts. From the family nucleus to school boards and universities to hospitals and prisons to industry, to agriculture, the food chain, health, and the list goes on. They left no stone unturned. As they willingly indulged in language corruption, hijacking our environment, and in destroying a plethora of other areas of our lives, while dividing and ruling the American citizenry to wit.

In all of this Hillary Clinton was the targeted person bearing the brunt, carrying the mantle with her email servers, to her fake Steele dossier hoax, to her lying lawyer, Michael Sussman who has as of today been evicted from having lied on oath, to her incriminating campaign manager, Robby Mook, to her involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein secret island where children were abused and molested, to the pizzagate and comet ping pong racket. It was all created for her by the deep state to cover their tracks.

As the deep state hid behind Hillary Clinton, so did she hide behind a veil of entities and people like Sussman, Mook, Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS and others.

Hillary Clinton is everywhere. Hillary Clinton as far as all are concerned and for all purposes the demon who commits the worst of all evil crimes, but is never punished for it. Hillary Clinton is pilloried, shamed and demonized and is their go to source to be lambasted, punched and beaten up by all and sundry. Yet, she is never really completely done away with as she has got to be there for the next blow, the next and the next… She’s the fake poser !!!

This is how the globalists have escaped from all transparency and accountability and responsibility for all liability of their crimes against humanity !!! They have escaped responsibility for any and every liability where all of their actions and inactions are concerned. This, while the big players like Obama and the other deep state cahoots leading straight up to the Soros’, the Rothschilds and the Illuminati, do the needful to make their globalist plans for a New World Order by One World Government a reality. 

We The People are shown none other than Hillary Clinton in all of this, as she becomes the scapegoat for all of their crimes for which she willingly does their bidding.

They then go on to conduct the charade of the so called World Economic Forum, yet another fake distraction of the globalists for the conservatives and the Republicans to focus on. The globalists create an entire circus to keep the “the masses” preoccupied with, and adequately distracted from what must be their only and most important goal !!! The goal of – SAVING AMERICA !!!

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