An Heavenly Place – a docu poem

Sunset at Kuah, Langkawi, Malaysia*. October 11, 2022.

The beauty of Langkawi
is splurged in the abundant
splashes of rusts, reds and
oranges with hints of
yellow and purple
The sunset enraptures us
entirely in Kuah, Langkawi.

We had travelled by road,
rail, ferry and road again.
Soon, after a quick breakfast
the day after
we take a morning’s walk
round and about Kuah picking.
found objects for crafts 🐚
leftovers of a once seabed
now reclaimed land
A nature trail takes us
through wild flowers
growing a plenty,

We take a road trip
that afternoon
through villages then forest
then more villages and
more of the forest on either
side of the straight
and narrow,
the road takes us
to this heavenly place
a gem hidden well
from the prying eye.
those who know know
those who know and
do bask in its splendour
are bestowed with
few words can
truly bring to knowing.
I try
and wonder if I could
even replicate the
sheer elusive illusion
almost ethereal yet
very real.

It’s a certain humility
a hidden kindness
that permeates
its subtleties
and that unique
touch of the personal comes
disguised as the
sprinkling of the
turmeric powder
dusted around
the dish of vegan
scrambled eggs
then swung into
berry crepes and a
gazillion beautiful and
tasteful creations
on plates and platters.

Eggs Benedict*,
all sorts of local delicacies*,
a delicious breakfast
buffet is rolled out
to tantalize your
I focus on the
guava juice, the cheeses,
curled up slivers of salmon 🍣
with capers, pickles,
onion rings and cream 🧅
with a wedge of lemon.
Then to the cold cuts
I go.

There I serve myself
slices of ham and cubed roast
honeycomb and croissants 🥐
and more pastries that 🥮
are lighter to the touch
and alight in a fluff.
many other dishes abound
bound for our table
who’s placing the orders ?
a Mexican huevos rancheros

Filled up and satiated
having added a
coconut pudding to the
repertoire, we take it
by foot through the
coconut tree dotted beach 🏝️ 🏖️
and cobbled paths,
that are the ubiquity
of this place.
the scent of frangipani
———— Four Seasons Langkawi.
Local fair everywhere
in this glorious station
many miles from

scintillating delectables
of local edibles
are graciously spread
at the IKAN IKAN
literally translating
to Fish.
It is its mirror
image reflecting on
Dishes coming out
of this distinctive
kitchen are beyond
belief. You’ve got to
try it to believe in it.

The ambience mild
the atmosphere still
the serenity breathtakingly
capricious, rapacious.
You are at one with
and at the same time
living this
remarkably precious
experience and taking
all of its wild yet succinct
aromas and air of
stupendousness, in.

Suddenly, you become one with the
natural blends of the multiples
the states of existence
doled out to you
with apparent ease of execution
with no pressure felt in
having to dispense it
permeating it all.

Water is very graciously
treated in this
oasis in the ocean* 🌊
that meets the sky
and sand
many pools for a swim
as well as the water
used in drinking and
in showering.

Those who tend
to our every (un)imaginable
need, are themselves
come down from heaven.

They serve us with sparkling
water at one turn
with still water at another
I had reason
to believe that even
the pool water and water
on the taps
were soft in their nature.

Every aspect was
carefully dealt with,
with much attention
given to detail.
no stone was left unturned.
no path left untraversed
to serve,
to savour the experience
before it reached
each one of us.

We were given singular
with every icy cold
towel meant to refresh
and every breath of
air combined with
of hammock,
for that total relaxation*.
of a restful experience.

The crescendo
of the hornbills
that entertain us
as we conclude a
hearty picnic
is beyond reason.
They have flown
right to our very
doorstep that leads
to our beautiful
wood panelled chalet
that resembles a
village home
or kampong* dwelling
with every delightful
creature comfort
that ever was
built into it
including our very own
private jacuzzi under the stars
and a sprawling green,

We explore our
surroundings on bicycles
contemplating planting
a tree and taking the
mangrove ride through
forest rivers
on our next visit
to this slice of paradise.

Back home, I dream
of friends in a distant
land living a similar
lifestyle, encircled by
river waters,
which has an aircraft
of so diverse a nature
that resembles the
god, Hanuman,
on the face of it.
A seaplane
that lands on the
river water
with a great
clash of waters.

Sharmini Jayawardena
20th October 2022

*Photo credits: Sumiitra Yiohan Sooriaarratchi on #SonyXperia

*With morning glory in belacan a la Four Seasons
*Nasi lemak, Laksa
*Andaman sea
*Rest and Relaxation/ r&r
*Translates directly to compound in English

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