Watching Facebook Wriggle

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

You can’t help but giggle watching Facebook wriggle as they are told that they can’t both enjoy the protection of Section 230 of the Communications and Decency Act, and also wag an index finger watching every move of the conservative patriots!!!

You either are a publisher who cuts and chops people’s original work, or you are just a platform that provides a service. And, guess what, Facebook has no way out but to agree that their fact checkers conclusions are only but “Protected Opinion”.

Now that’s going to take a load of running around as us users of Facebook ourselves recline to calling all of our own posts on Facebook as “Protected Opinion” !!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, after all. So bear in mind Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, we are all in it for the sake of exposing lies.

Let’s see how far Facebook has come:

On October 30th 2022, Slay News reads – Facebook labeled a ‘Train Wreck’ as Value drops by a whopping $700 Billion !!!

The Gateway Pundit opines on November 6th 2022, that Facebook is to layoff its staff and cut it down by a huge margin !!! Facebook’s shares are down by 24% for the fourth quarter. Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune plunged by $11 billion, “after his Meta Platforms Inc. reported a second-straight quarter of disappointing earnings, bringing his total wealth loss to more than $100 billion in just 13 months.” Bloomberg News reported.”

Slay News reports the same on November 9th 2022, about the plummeting of Facebook’s revenue for the fourth quarter, running.

Looks like there’s no turning around for a mean and selfish CEO who crassly and callously dealt blow after blow on Americans and others the world over alike, like a power-ridden despot who cared nothing about us poor users of his social media apps.

Leafblogazine has repeatedly reported on the many times Facebook and Instagram have committed atrocious crimes against our website, here, here, and here. It has come to a point where we have stopped reporting on them since recently, as it is happening so rapidly.

With all of the browbeating Leafblogazine has repeatedly taken, it is amazing that time has come to sit back and enjoy Facebook wriggle, while they unashamedly and uncaringly struck us down without as much as a qualm over the years.

Thank you 🙏 😊 Dear God for answering our prayers for the homelessness of Mark Zuckerberg to come true. It sure looks like it’s going in that direction since a once 1 trillion dollar worth multi trillion-air’s earnings take swipe after swipe and reach the bottom level of  240 billion dollar strike !

“Meta reached its peak high of more than $1 trillion in September 2021… The company’s market value is now around $268 billion, roughly a quarter of its $1 trillion value in 2021.“ – Slay News on October 30th 2022.

And… Zuckerberg Falls Off the List of Top Ten Wealthiest Americans !!!

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