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By Sharmini Jayawardena


Who gave Facebook the right to “Restrict” Leafblogazine’s account on the publisher’s online site?

Who gave Facebook the right to claim that everything they publish is “protected opinion”?!

The judge in the Stossel case DID!

In the hope of having the John Stossel lawsuit dismissed Facebook’s legal team came up with this idea called. “protected opinion”, while burning the midnight oil.

Well, if all that they have on their site is “protected opinion”, why on earth do they restrict its users and delete, ban and cancel their posts and accounts with them, without mercy ?!

If the words “protected opinion” applies to them so should it apply to their users without whom the fake social media site would not exist.

Therefore all of their users’ posts belong to the users themselves and deleting, banning and canceling their posts amount to misappropriation of their intellectual property!

Those who destroy another’s intellectual property stand to be charged under the law that protects the individual’s right to their personal content.

Who are these Facebook’s/Instagram’s Fact Checkers, anyway ? What are their qualifications to assume the presumed position of “FACT CHECKER” ?!

What is this new fangled entity called a “fact Checker”? Who gave the power to Instagram to so called “fact check” its users? Just because their so called “community guidelines” say this or that, their users are not legally bound nor are they liable to be governed by those so called guidelines. This is expressly so because FACEBOOK’S/INSTAGRAM’S USERS DO NOT PAY MONEY TO USE THESE APPS ! PERIOD ! 🔴AN AGREEMENT IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING IF THERE IS NO CONSIDERATION INVOLVED IN THE SAID AGREEMENT 🔴Accordingly, nor do the users have to adhere to these “guidelines”. These online sites/apps do not have the right to impose laws over and above the purview of laws governing the Land, given to us by Constitutional right.

The U. S. Constitution gives us one right as far as intellectual property is concerned. That law is given to us in the form of the First Amendment to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights. That right is the right to freedom of speech!

No entity has the right to impose another set of rules that overrides this one rule! Failure to do which, will lay them wide open to be charged under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution !

Who have Instagram appointed as “fact checkers”? Who gave them the right to call these spurious agencies like USA Today, The Dispatch, to name just two of them, the right to check our posts shared under our own names, the right to destroy our intellectual property based on no qualification? Who are these “fact checkers” responsible to? The very same sites owned by Facebook/Instagram?! I think not !!!

What is the meaning of “fact checking” and where in your so called “guidelines” does it say that such and such an agency is qualified to do this evil, ugly, criminal and tyrannical act that annuls another’s statement of creative endeavor?

Facebook/Instagram 👉🏻Know that you are way beyond your league when you take on actions upon yourselves that far exceed your parameters of conduct. Know this well. Us users of your lame sites are not dumb.

Who is dumb here is your appointed unqualified “fact checkers” appointed by you to do the illegal and unconstitutional bidding of your masters 👉🏻The Democrats and RINOs in office !

“If any of the terms or purpose are contrary to public policy at common law or under statute, the contracts may be void or void and illegal. Illegal contract is when they involve a degree of moral wrong, which caused the contract to be void.”

Be careful about what you do to silence and cancel your users. Our creative work is not meant for your willful destruction. If you do so willingly then also be readily willing to be hauled up for judgement on judgement day when we drag you on to multiple lawsuits, or a class action lawsuit. This will once again have your lawyers burning that midnight oil, trying!

Mark these words 👉🏻You will not succeed in winning.

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