J6er Jeremy Brown Moved From Maximum Security Prison-Reveals False Evidence Government Planted Against Him

In the Spotlight

By Nick Mastrangelo and Laura Elizabeth Jenkins

Published February 3, 2023

After nearly 16 months in maximum security prison, a team of grassroots citizens succeeded in petitioning Pinellas County Sheriff Gualteri to move Jeremy Brown to the minimum security section of prison.

Brown considers his transition like a move to a 55-and-older community; likening the quietness to a library.  There are no bars around his cell, so he can walk to the restroom anytime throughout the night.

This new area also has more telephones available, expanding his availability to speak with loved ones and conduct interviews. Jeremy has even teamed up with a pastor to create a basketball tournament for other inmates in this section.

Jeremy Brown was arrested pretrial on Sept. 30th, 2021 for possessing an unregistered firearm. He was offered a plea deal but insisted on taking his case to trial.  As TGP has reported, he turned down an offer made by the FBI to be an informant.

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Jeremy was also present in DC on January 6th, 2021, and- despite not even entering the Capitol Building- is being charged with misdemeanor trespassing.  Here is the progress with his J6 case, via Americangulag.org.

During his FL trial, Melissa Loesch, Jeremy’s lawyer created a written record showing the government planted evidence in this trial. There were no carpet or DNA samples collected, nor was there evidence of hair from Jeremy’s dog that would have linked the grenade’s presence to his house.

An expert witness testified the government’s grenade trace revealed a location but did not reference any specific dates.

Before Brown’s case even went to trial on Dec. 5th, 2021, this evidence was set to be used in Stewart Rhodes’ case. FBI forensic analyst Krystal Breslin completed a thorough analysis linking Jeremy to the grenade, you can read the document here.

Although Brown was excluded as being a potential contributor [of DNA] to the items, Rhodes and others were ultimately convicted in the case, as TGP has reported.

The jury in Brown’s Florida case found him guilty of counts 1-5 and not guilty of counts 6-10.  The case is currently being appealed.

Concerned citizens generated a letter-writing and emailing campaign on Jeremy’s behalf to improve his health and safety while in prison. A Florida state representative met with Sheriff Gualteri, the prison overseer, and Jeremy later received a new mattress and pillow.

“We’ve got to fight on the outside for those on the inside,” said Tylene Aldridge, Jeremy’s spouse,, referring to her fight to provide Jeremy with a daily multivitamin to maintain his health while in prison.

The sentencing for Jeremy’s FL case takes place on March 13 in Tampa. Check back here for the Middle District of FL’s court calendar to verify the time.

You can help Jeremy Brown with the legal expenses for his appeal here.

This article was originally published on AmericanGulag.org.

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