GREATER IDAHO: Movement to Make Several Oregon Counties Part of Idaho Gains Steam

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By Mike LaChance Feb. 27, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit

As you know, several counties in the state of Oregon are trying to secede and become part of the state of Idaho.

The people who live in these counties are sick and tired of the radical left wing politics that rule their state because of cities like Portland.

We have been tracking the process of this movement. It’s looking good in the Idaho legislature.

People want it to happen.

Achieving this goal is a massive undertaking but the idea is ganing popularity.

FOX News reports:

‘Greater Idaho’ movement to absorb conservative rural counties from liberal Oregon gains momentum

A campaign to have rural eastern Oregon effectively secede from the blue state and join more conservative Idaho is gaining steam as leaders from both states express support for relocating the border between them.

Former Oregon House Speaker Mark Simmons penned an op-ed in the Idaho Statesman, a daily newspaper, over the weekend to explain why he supports the so-called Greater Idaho movement, which seeks to incorporate about 13 Oregon counties, or 63% of the state’s landmass and 9% of its population, within Idaho’s borders.

“Idaho would have the satisfaction of freeing rural, conservative communities from progressive blue-state law,” wrote Simmons. “We are dismayed by the manner in which Oregon government has marginalized our values and villainized our resource-based livelihoods. This is why our counties voted 75% Republican last year (Idaho voted 67% Republican).”

Simmons described how Oregon stores are selling drugs near Idaho communities and hurting the quality of life in the area, explaining that moving the state line would force drug shops away from most of Idaho’s population and help eastern Oregonians.

“These counties would help maintain rural values in the Idaho Legislature, values of faith, family, and self-reliance,” he argued. “All of eastern Oregon voted against marijuana legalization and the decriminalization of hard drugs.”

It’s important to pay attention to this story. If it works, it will set a precedent for people in other states to follow.

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UPDATE: Idaho House passes Greater Idaho bill

kptv.comIdaho House passes Greater Idaho bill, now moves to Senate

Idaho lawmakers are continuing the conversation about the Greater Idaho movement at the state capitol.

9:00 AM · Feb 16, 2023




Can you imagine something similar happening in New York or California?

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