Taking Tradition to Its True Stature

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

I tried and failed at getting We the People of America to establish their real status. That of a free entity. They are not interested. At least, not yet. They’d rather be slaves to a corrupt and tyrannical Administration. Mass shootings abound but not a muscle nor cell is moved. Nothing that they have to do to secure their freedoms that have been given to them in the form of unalienable natural rights in the Constitution, will they fight to maintain. Their limbs are weak and their grey matter is decimating. Nothing has yet been gained in reclaiming a stolen 2020 Election. Nothing has been done to establish free and fair elections. It’s going to take a very long time before they get their act together. 

I attempted to get the Royal family of Britain to honour the Will of King Henry VIII, to no avail. They fear the ultimate. They are fearful of going back to old monarchies hence they disturb a can of worms of their own seeking. That being demands from  Asian and other monarchies they have attempted to annihilate. Let me remind the British Royal family that ignoring a fact does not simply make it go away.

The coronation ceremony of King Charles III which took place on 6th May 2023, had to my knowledge a peculiar dress code. I do not know if it was meant for both men and women, but it required invitees to be dressed in business suits. What a strange notion. In which case the Americans followed it to a tee. I suppose it was meant for the women, that they should also be dressed in pastel shades. Thankfully all of the male royalty of Europe and Asia were dressed in their full ceremonial. The queens of Europe paled in their ubiquitous skirt and blouse variations, in the light of the unique attire of the Asian queens. This is what I observed.

It took my mind to the fact that Asia has a vast and varied culture which I believe when the Europeans came to vandalise, they were unable to grasp nor fathom. It must have been so amazing a sight to behold. Their palaces were of unique design and splendour. Their cultures beyond comprehension to those who beheld its awe-inspiration. Its magnificence, must have been beyond belief.

They all possessed unique cultures. This also included the African cultures and those of the Arabian and that of South America. They held their ground with their individual languages and scripts and religions and philosophies and vast compendiums on medicine and other matters. The sheer magnitude of India, so created by the British, and of China, must definitely have mesmerised them. Had these Royal cultures survived and continued, then today the world would be the wiser for it and a much better place for being so.

These lands and their people never fraught to war nor fought wars against foreign lands. There were issues pertaining to their borders, of course. However, they were not at all interested in imperialism, expansionism and territorialism. These were all pursuits of a western ethos, of the European monarchies and monarchs. “We came. We saw. We conquered”, was how the Europeans saw the world. What an absolutely preposterous idea.

Why would you want to march into and through other people’s lands, killing and maiming its people and your own in doing so, for your own greed and power ?! Who does this ?! They have got to have been absolutely mentally deranged. Therefore, to get over this having been ruled by the mentally deranged for centuries, having been pilfered of their wealth, grandeur and splendour, the remaining descendants of those royals are now making a comeback. They are now going to return their Kingdoms back to where they belong. Let us start with Burma or Myanmar and Mandalay. 

In order to get a good idea of what happened in Burma during the time of the British Raj, read George Orwell’s book, Burmese Days. Before the British, the French, the Belgians, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Dutch, all ran through Asia, South  America, Africa and Arabia like it was their own inheritance to loot and plunder. So they did this just because they possessed the know how or technology to do so ? It is shamefully disgusting.

We asked for no more than to bring back the grandeur to a great King of Britain, to mount King Henry VIII’s tomb as he so wished it be done. No. They are not interested. Why ? Because the King does not belong to the present House of Windsor ? That’s so lame and not a fit and fair answer. We demand, we implore, we beseech you, the British Royal Family, to act on this now.

Meanwhile, those concerned will be bringing the rest of the royals back to their past nobility and due positions. They shall bring back past traditions to these lands in the process of restoring their long lost honour and dignity. They shall Make each of their lands Great Again, just like  America is bent on doing. Making Asian and other countries Great Again amounts to none other than restoring their past stolen, robbed and plundered monarchies back to their true glory. They are not asking for the return of any stolen heirloom treasures either. May the sun never set on the lands of Asia, South  America, Africa and Arabia ever again.

Bring the Royal Remains of His Royal Highness King Thibaw Back to Myanmar !!!

Restore the Myanmar Monarchy Back into Existence ! NOW !

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