Video Exposes Dark Secrets of Biden’s Open Border Agenda

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Frank Bergman May 17, 2023

From Slay News

A new video filmed near Yuma, Arizona has exposed the dark secrets of Democrat President Joe Biden’s open border agenda that the corporate media refuses to report on.

Ben Bergquam, the host of “Law and Border” on Real America’s Voice TV network, filmed the video near the U.S.-Mexico border as Biden’s migrant crisis continues to soar.

Bergquam highlights how Biden’s border policy is facilitating the human trafficking operations of Mexican cartels.

In the video, Bergquam shows a bridge across the Rio Grande River that was reportedly built by a Mexican cartel.

The walking bridge was put there to help migrants illegally cross the border into the United States.

The bridge is left unscathed and serves as further evidence that the Biden administration is facilitating a human “invasion” of the United States, Bergquam says.

“This is the cartel bridge,” Bergquam explains in the video.

“This bridge was created by the cartel in Mexico.

“This is simply to allow more illegals to invade America.

“Border Patrol knows it’s here and they allow it,” he alleges.

“They fly over this every single day in the helicopter.

“Rather than coming down here and stopping them or arresting the coyotes that are bringing people across it, they let it stay and they let people keep coming.”

As Bergquam is filming, a military-age male migrant carrying a backpack and another sack walks nonchalantly across the thin wood bridge.

The man appears completely unfazed by the fact that he’s being recorded.

“The cartel built a bridge from Mexico to the U.S. so illegals don’t have to get their feet wet walking across the river,” Bergquam reports.

“And Border Patrol, [DHS] Secretary Mayorkas, and Joe Biden are allowing it, here in Yuma, Arizona.

“And it’s like this all across the border, everywhere you go.

“This is what Joe Biden thinks of border security.”

Speaking of the Biden admin’s response to the flood of illegal border crossers, Bergquam said, “They don’t just allow it, they support it!

“If this is not treason, I don’t know what is.”

“It’s up to you,” Bergquam said, in a call to action to the American people.

“I can show you this, but if we don’t start taking action and holding these people accountable, it’s gone.

“The country’s gone, and if America’s gone, the world’s gone.”

Bergquam shared the video on his Twitter account.


The same video also shows an area near the bridge littered with hundreds of passports and other forms of identification from illegal aliens.

Migrants are discarding their IDs on American soil to prevent them from being vetted by Border Patrol agents.

“All of these IDs, all dumped before they came in,” Bergquam said.

As he is ruffling through passports, Bergquam found IDs belonging to people from Guinea, in West Africa, Peru, Iran, and the Dominican Republic, as well as a voter card from Ghana.

“And you know why they drop them?” Bergquam asks.

“Because we can’t vet them!”

“Unless they show up on Interpol, unless they’re in our system, we have no clue who these people are.

“So they come in, they’re coached by the NGOs: ‘Dump your stuff.’

“And they simply walk into America,” he explains.

“Nobody comes down here to pick it up, nobody comes down here to verify who these people are, except for us,” he added.

“That’s what Joe Biden’s and Secretary Mayorkas’ border security looks like.”

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