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Trump Indictment is More Biden Abuse of Power

Meanwhile, as Slay News reported earlier, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton has reviewed the newly unsealed indictment against Trump and delivered some bad news to the Democrats.

Fitton said the case will be thrown out.

Tom Fitton said after he reviewed the indictment:

“I’ve carefully reviewed the indictment of Trump by his political opponents at the Biden Justice Department.

“Judicial Watch has nearly 30 years of experience litigating federal and presidential records issues, including the famous ‘Clinton sock drawer’ case.

“The document dishonestly ignores the U.S. Constitution, the Presidential Records Act, legal precedent, and the DOJ’s/Archives’ previous position that WH records a president takes with him when he leaves the White House are presumptively personal and not subject to review by partisan Biden appointees at DOJ or Archives.

“Under the Constitution, federal law, and precedent, none of the documents are currently ‘classified’ or ‘national defense information’ that restricts Trump’s handling of them.

“They are ALL his personal records and, frankly, should be returned to him.

“If justice prevails, this indictment won’t survive scrutiny by honest, constitutionalist judges and will be thrown out.”

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