Trump Vows to Go After Joe Biden and His Family’s Ties to Ukraine: “Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened… People Will Now Say We Get It” (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft Jun. 12, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday, Former President Donald Trump announced his intention to appoint a “real special prosecutor” to investigate Joe Biden, the entire Biden crime family, and others he asserts were involved in rigged elections, improper border management, and the destruction of our great nation.

Trump addressed his supporters, promising to undertake a myriad of actions aimed at reversing the course of the current regime’s policies.

At the heart of Trump’s statement, however, lies his vow to “appoint a real special ‘prosecutor’ to go after the most corrupt President in the history of the USA, Joe Biden, the entire Biden crime family, & all others involved with the destruction of our elections, borders, and country itself.”

On Monday, former President Donald Trump reiterated his intention to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden and his family during an interview with Howie Carr on his podcast “The Howie Carr Show.”

Trump said there is vast corruption within the Biden crime family, which should be investigated.

Trump took a hard line towards his former Attorney General Bill Barr during the interview, describing him as a “weak coward” for not taking action.

“Bill Barr didn’t want to do anything on this. In many ways, a lot of people, including me, said that you don’t want to go after sitting presidents and vice presidents and all of the things. So I sort of got it,” said Trump.

However, Trump clarified that he wasn’t necessarily a believer in Barr’s non-confrontational approach. He emphasized that with the evidence of corruption pouring in, the lid has now been blown off.

Earlier today, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) made a Senate floor speech Monday afternoon on the controversy about the FD-1023 FBI document that contains credible allegation that Joe Biden received a $5 million bribe from an executive with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma while vice president.

Grassley then revealed that the foreign national behind the bribe said he kept 17 audio recordings of conversations with two recordings of Joe Biden and fifteen recordings of Hunter Biden.

“Now they’ve opened up the Pandora’s Box and we’re in a position where we can look at the corruption in the Biden family, the millions and millions of dollars pouring in from China and other places. It’s a disgrace,” Trump said.

Trump also pointed out the financial transactions involving Ukrainian energy company Burisma as part of the corruption. He claimed a significant influx of money from Ukraine into the Biden family, and showed disappointment over the lack of action to investigate these corruptions, saying, “So much money and nobody does anything about that.”

Expressing his determination to take the matter further, Trump stated, “Well, we’re going to get to it. And now we can do it because the box has been open. It’s the Pandora’s Box that has been opened and it’s been wide open.”

Trump believes that the situation has developed to a point where such action is warranted and legally permissible.

“People will say, now we get it too,” Trump said.


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