For What are Black Americans Demanding Reparations ? For Nothing ! When Compared with What the Colonial Masters Did to the Colonized !!!

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7th July 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena

UPDATED on 25th September 2023:

UPDATED on 12th September 2023:

Update, 18th July, 2023:

In the past few months we have been hearing of the Californian Blacks demanding reparations and others like Cori Bush recently making such demands.

Let us just say then that the black community made no contribution at all to the evolution of America as a Country whatsoever and they must return back to their individual African countries.

So you want to bring down the economy of the entire planet ?!!! Well, we are not just going to sit down there and watch till you rob us of our hard earned money, ok !!

Having said that, I would like to make a comment on what is happening in the Netherlands with the Rijksmuseum having decided to return back treasures and artefacts looted from countries they colonized, like Indonesian and Sri Lanka

The Dutch King Willem-Alexander issued an apology to those who were enslaved by the Dutch during their occupation of the countries they did.

This apology is relevant but not necessarily accepted.

The vast injury caused to swathes of people during colonization and occupation of all of Asia excepting Thailand and swathes of Africa and the South Americas is beyond mention here.

The Spanish melted down gold artefacts of the Incas and the Aztecs and sent the gold back to their King Philip II and monarchs of Spain. The Spanish were so lacking in the aesthetic to even restore and preserve that which was art !!! 

How are we to get back these priceless objects ? Even if Spain sold its entire Country, they will not be able to repay and return that which belonged to the Americas.

Asia, Africa and southern America were continuously colonized by the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Germans, the Belgians, the Dutch and the British. They ran a monumental business in the name of the Dutch East India Company followed by the British East India Company.

They attacked and subdued its kings and kingdoms, enslaved the people and occupied their territory just because they were superior in the technology they held.

The people of the colonies have not asked for reparations but from time to time certain leaders of the present day of those colonies have asked for the return of the treasures that were looted, plundered and taken away to those colonial states.

At least, these treasures for the most part were preserved in their original state, though the Kohinoor Diamond is supposed to have been cut into small parts to fit into the Crown Jewels of Britain, destroying the world’s largest Diamond in the process of doing so.

If you want to talk about reparations, you Blacks of America, look no further ! You authorized or sat there doing nothing when your president George W Bush claimed that Iraq possessed Weapons Of Mass Destruction !!! It was a blatant LIE !

He marched his soldiers into that country and many other Arab countries consequently spilling over into the Obama Presidency when Hilary Clinton was seen gloating over the massacre of Libya and the most  ignominious and inhumane murder of its leader, Muammar Gaddafi !!!

American soldiers marched into the august museums of Iraq and other Arab countries looting and plundering the treasures of civilizations dating back to those of the Babylonian times and those of the Pharaohs. They shipped them right back to America and into their living rooms where some of it sits today !!!

Who’s going to demand these treasures be returned back to their genuine owners ? Who’s going to take accountability for those artefacts and treasures that were destroyed and lost forever ? Who’s going to pay reparations to the Arab people who were enslaved and continue to be enslaved by America and other nations, even as we read ??!!!

You Blacks in America are a whole new kind of 

human !! You only come forwards to speak for your puny losses which were actually created by your own people. The slave trade in Africa could not have gone on if your own black Africans did not barter you out to the white masters.

You Blacks in America are a whole new kind of 

human !!! C’me on man, read if you have not read before. Learn if you have never bothered to learn just because your ancestors didn’t bother to learn and teach you !

Asians, Africans, Southern Americans and today’s Arabians have been enslaved for over 600 years and they still learn and move on !!! 

The Asians learned while the Black Americans are still living in the African jungles !!!!

All that the Black Americans want to do is get on the streets and burn down their cities. This is called looking in the sky and spitting ! The spit falls on your own 

face !

The public library is around the corner from your hovel. Why don’t you go and educate yourselves without always blaming others ?

Do not fool and lie to your own people. There are no eternal victims and there is no entitlement for anyone. 

You don’t need to eat three meals a day either. I learned that by reading and educating myself.

Stop being drug addicts who think with your genitals or the lack thereof ! How can you stop when you erect a statue for a drug addict and bring down the valuable monuments and statues to and of Revolutionary Heroes that are public property ?!

You Black Americans are a pathetic lot !!! 


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