BLM – LEAVE the January 6ers The Hell Alone ! We Can Fight Our Own Battles !

In the Spotlight

3rd August 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena

UPDATED on 13th October 2023: 

… And, here’s why the Black LivesMatter organizer wants to offer benefaction to and show solidarity with the ProudBoys and January 6ers now languishing in the DC Gulag for having exercised their constitutional rights on January 6th 2021. 

BLM are tainted with TREASON and TREASONOUS Actions ! Have NOTHING to do with BLM ! Period !

The January 6ers must NOT accept this two tongued hand of Satan who under the banner of BLM have created the worst mayhem and destruction ever, against the conservative law abiding citizens of America and against the Republic.

These BLM scumbags are the reason why the Patriots are even inside there, suffering the worst atrocities. All of a sudden these domestic enemies of the People who have acted unconstitutionally like forever, want to help those who have acted within the law and constitutionally, by protesting a stolen Election, which is well within their right to do so.

I say, take no hand that SATAN offers you, for you stand to obey SATAN in doing so !!!

Therefore, take heed and obey ONLY God !

Further, who was it that spoke against the conservatives and broke all the laws by destroying American cities and fought for defunding the police and bringing down monuments and statues of Revolutionary Heroes especially in the Summer of 2020 ?!

The BLM are the criminals. Joe Biden the criminal supports them and looks to them for support and so do the entire globalist cabal. They are synonymous with, identified with and associated with CHAOS and DESTRUCTION the Planet over !

They create the problem and they come up with a solution that is another problem !!! This is synonymous with all of Socialism and Communism as perpetrated by the Biden administration and their cohorts.

Do NOT sully your judicious hands by accepting the sullied hand that BLM leader, Mark Fisher extends to you.

The moment you do that you fall into the trite category of criminals as that’s who they are !!! BLM is guilty of having committed multiple crimes against multiple people in multiple places.

Us Conservatives do NOT take handouts PERIOD !

As for Fisher speaking of Clinton having incarcerated his family and friends, well it was Joe Biden who created the Criminal Record that sent his brethren to suffer in prison. Here’s whom he has to go after.

Here’s who is behind and funds the BLM Cabal. BLM is the violent face of the globalist cabal.


The images shared above are only of the destruction caused in two places, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Brooklyn, New York. Other places where chaos and destruction was waged during the Summer of 2020 riots, include, Seattle, Washington State, Santa Monica, California, Chicago, Illinois, Portland, Oregon and many more.

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