Report: Largest US Catholic Healthcare System Partners with Abortion Provider

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By Margaret Flavin      Aug. 14, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit

The watchdog group The Lepanto Institute is alleging that one of America’s most prominent Catholic health systems, CommonSpirit Health, has partnered with a women’s clinic that is providing telemed abortions.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Lepanto Institute’s  64-page report on CommonSpirit Health that shows transgender surgeries for minors and other “gender-affirming” care services being provided, including hormone therapies puberty blockers.

Following the explosive report, Lepanto Institute now alleges that CommonSpirit Health has partnered with a women’s clinic that provides telemed abortions.

Lepanto Institute shares:

In 2021, CommonSpirit announced a new partnership with Tia Women’s Health – a partnership designed to dramatically expand Tia’s impact by expanding its physical presence around the country.  And even though Tia has only recently begun providing medical abortions, its intention to expand the abortion industry through these clinics has been a matter of public record since its inception.

Tia Women’s Health, a New York based women’s primary and reproductive health clinic, got its start in 2017 as a chat-based app called “Ask Tia,” which was designed to answer questions about “birth control, sexual health, insurance coverage, and more.”

Building upon the popularity of the app, Tia opened its first physical location in New York City as “a one-stop-shop for women’s health.”  In 2020, due to lockdowns related to COVID-19, Tia expanded its operations to a virtual platform, always with an eye toward providing telemed abortion.

As will be seen in this report, Tia Women’s Health provides contraception and now abortion in a bid to become what appears to be Planned Parenthood 2.0, and it is doing so with the help of the largest Catholic health network in the United States.

Screenshot Image from Tia Website

This is all in direct contradiction to Catholic Church teachings on these issues, which have remained consistent for decades.

CommonSpirit has more than 1,000 care sites and 140 hospitals across 21 states.

Read the full disturbing story here.

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