The FBI Goes About Busting Child Trafficking Rackets at Random and Not by Drawing an All Encompassing Dragnet ?! Why ?!

4th August 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

UPDATED on 20th September 2023:

According to the following news item, the FBI finally made a solitary busting of a child trafficking operation, after a “Massive Nationwide Sex Trafficking Bust”, rounding up suspects in the process. This comes after a bombshell revelation by the conservative media which states that there are 85,000 children who have crossed the border illegally, who have gone missing without a trace since they did cross the U. S. Southern border !

Later on during the week, more child abuse cases were exposed. This time in Wisconsin and many other U. S. agricultural production facilities that put the minors to work, many of them aged 13 and under, in violation of existing labor laws.  

The Time headline reads as such: 

Over 100 Kids Were Illegally Employed in Dangerous Meat-Packing Plant Jobs

Yet another headline reads:

Minors found by the Department of Labor to be employed in violation of child labor laws

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified, (5:40:31), to the House Judiciary Committee where some members tried to make it out that since you were “cherry picked” by the Republicans and by President Trump and since you call yourself a Republican, you can’t be working to bring them down, like they say you’re doing !

Well, possibly Director Wray is what is well known to the bureaucracy as a RINO or Republican In Name Only. Obviously if he is not taking accountability nor holding his Bureau accountable for any of the actions which are whistleblower backed, then he must be so. RINOs are as guilty as any radical Democrat of abuse of power. Even criminal abuse of power.

So, who’s going to bell the cat that is supposed to bell the cat ?

Ok FBI and Christopher Wray, it is one thing to bust a human trafficking operation and it’s another thing to pat yourselves on the back and do nothing while the biggest behemoth that lures these minors into the waiting arms of racketeering criminals, is out at large. Whom are you covering up for ?

 You have been speaking openly to the House Judiciary Committee, but who in your belief is the true offender who must be held accountable for these actions ? Somebody took the decision to keep the U. S. Southern border wide open, for criminals to thrive on. Who in your belief did this ?!

Leaf Blogazine wrote on a separate occasion as follows:

“The elite stand guilty of having committed crimes of child sex abuse, child trafficking, child sex trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking, animal parts trafficking and animal trafficking. That’s a whole lot of trafficking if you ask me. No wonder they duplicated all of their trafficking with road traffic by building multiple highways, flyovers and the like to equal all of their trafficking. 

One thing is clear about the elite, they do everything in patterns. They take part in rituals that are harmful to others, satanic rituals. Everything they do and don’t do, have a hidden meaning behind it. A symbol, if you will.

They have turned everything human and humane on this planet into an inhuman and inhumane mess. Adrenochrome harvesting from the pineal glands of abused children being the worst of it, although nothing has yet been proven concretely on this, evidence is glaringly clear.

Let us see what the future has in store for us 🤔 Let us see some real arrests being made !!!”

Meanwhile, check this out ⬇️

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