Marjorie Taylor Greene is Introducing Articles of impeachment Against Alejandro Mayorkas and Others

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

… I’m wondering, if she’s successful in doing so then does it also involve these people being arrested and charged and punished for all the crimes they have committed, and gotten away with so far, against America and against the American We the People ?

On 17th’s Gateway Pundit, it was disclosed that MTG had introduced articles of impeachment:

 “On Wednesday, (May 16th, 2023), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) introduced Articles of Impeachment against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

[ …]

Rep. Greene introduced Articles of Impeachment against the DC U.S. Attorney and January 6th prosecutor, Matthew Graves, and FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday.”

Crimes committed against the American People by those who have sworn under oath to abide by the Constitution to protect their Country and its People, amounts to violating the sovereignty of the Republic. By keeping its southern border wide open to illegal mass migration; while having American We the people Patriots wrongfully, illegally and unconstitutionally incarcerated, for having protested a Stolen Election, in abhorring conditions without proper recourse to justice; and refusing to investigate criminal activity of the elite class of RINOs and DINOs, they are going against their very oath of office. All this, while also carrying out baseless and useless fake investigations, on American taxpayer dollars, incurring an insurmountable cost to the citizenry. This is double jeopardy.

Impeachment must include, just punishment being meted out to these foreign entities who support foreigners over Americans on American We the People funded tax money and more. They are grave crimes and must not go unpunished.

These are TREASONOUS Crimes !  

It is imperative that these criminals in disguise are made to pay for all of their heinous excesses. These are the puppets on the strings of the elite who think they are above the Law. For once after many a decade, the elite are feeling the heat.

The Jeffrey Epstein tours to his pedo island of the elite were never ever going to be uncovered as far as the elite were concerned. But it eventually did. Yet, they got rid of the key witness as he sat in prison, and tossed out the video footage from its CCTV. These people see no bounds as to their actions. They will go the whole hog just to save their a**** 

The Durham Report has also posed a grave headache for them as they are now gradually being exposed by the Report in saying the Christopher Steele dossier was fabricated LIES. It was also a coup !!!

So not only did they rape and abuse underaged kids, but also lied multiple times under oath to the American People. They thought the planet was their playground to do as they please and the rest of us pawns, putty in their hands. They are now taking notice that the so-called masses are actually not useful idiots they can manipulate and lie to. They are finding out that the masses are actually awakened even though the elite tried their best with their deceptive means, such as Operation Mockingbird and CommonCore education, to keep them dumbed down. 

What happened was, some of the so-called masses were never truly asleep. Some of the People were not sheeple !!!

Leaf Blogazine has written about this many times over in the past, of how two patriots worked at literally awakening the People by removing them from the Twitter Unfollowers List and sharing the Second Modern Declaration of Causes by Don Mashak, with them, in 2018.

This was done on a certain social media app and no one even thought this was possible or that this was happening in real time. But it did and just like that a whole lot of people were beginning to see sense and  all of a sudden social media was teeming with memes created by the recently awakened. So that’s how meming became paramount to conservatives. (That’s also why democrats can’t meme to save themselves.) They were the sheeple who thought they created the sheeple with BigTech, funded by so-called billionaire philanthropists like Soros and Gates. But they failed at that as well.

While Soros stands guilty of depopulation and worse, Gates also stands accused of having made multiple trips to the Epstein pedo island. He has not yet been subpoenaed by the ongoing U.S. Virgin Islands’ Lawsuit. I believe he will be.

The elite stand guilty of having committed crimes of child sex abuse, child trafficking, child sex trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking, animal parts trafficking and animal trafficking. That’s a whole lot of trafficking if you ask me. No wonder they duplicated all of their trafficking with road traffic by building multiple highways, flyovers and the like to equal all of their trafficking. 

One thing is clear about the elite, they do everything in patterns. They take part in rituals that are harmful to others, satanic rituals. Everything they do and don’t do, have a hidden meaning behind it. A symbol, if you will.

They have turned everything human and humane on this planet into an inhuman and inhumane mess. Adrenochrome harvesting from the pineal gland of abused children being the worst of it, although nothing has yet been proven concretely on this, evidence is glaringly clear.

Let us see what the future has in store for us 🤔 Let us see some real arrests being made !!!

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