Racist Jail Guards Spin Illegal Covid Torture In DC Gulag: ‘You Tested Positive…You’re Not Going To Court,’ ‘Only J6ers Are Forced To Wear Masks’

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By Alicia Powe   Oct. 31, 2023

From The Gateway Pundit 

UPDATED on 2nd November 2023: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/far-left-anti-israel-protesters-interrupt-shut-down/

Petty tyrants employed by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons in tandem with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and activist federal judges continue to exploit the manufactured COVID-19 pandemic” to torture inmates and leverage the bioweapon to repeatedly delay J6 political prisoners’ day in court.

Before and after January 6, 2021, demonstrators who picketed and paraded in the U.S. Capitol building faced misdemeanor charges, if any.

For anti-Trump Antifa militants, femi-nazis, proponents of jihad, Satanists or race-baiting Democrat congressmen,protesting or trespassing in the building or destroying federal property during an official proceeding is within the confines of the law.

For MAGA “insurrectionists,” particularly veterans, who strolled in or around the building on January 6 as Congress certified Joe Biden’s brazen election theft, trespassing suddenly became a violation of 18 U.S. Code §1512 Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison, in an unprecedented revocation of the Sixth Amendment. 

The Speedy Trial Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides, “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial.” The Sixth Amendment protects the defendant from a delay between the presentation of the indictment, or similar charging instrument, and the beginning of trial.

But hundreds of Americans who protested the globalists’ flagrant 2020 election fraud in the District of Columbia have been locked in pretrial detention for nearly three years without bond.

To further deny J6ers due process and pile on the abuse, racist correctional officers in the jails are illegally forcing J6ers to comply with the outdated detrimental Covid regulations to go to trial, and finally be sentenced, under the illogical guise of  “safe and effective,” “safe and effective,”… “safe and effective” mind control.

January 6 defendants in the DC gulag were locked in quarantine for 22 months straight in adherence with the jail’s COVID protocol until the government took its foot off the American people’s neck and halted the bioweapon mandates.

William Chrestman, an Army veteran, father of four and grandfather of five, was apprehended by the FBI on February 11, 2021 for “his role in the Capitol riot.”

As TGP has reported, Chrestman’s wife and kids are on the brink of homelessness as he, the breadwinner in their family, waits years to be sentenced for the crimes he is charged with committing almost three years ago.


The majority of Chrestman’s 33-month pretrial incarceration has been spent in quarantine in the DC gulag.

“Quarantine” in the gulag is actually solitary confinement in the dismally filthy “hole,” a 6 by 8 square foot feces-laden dungeon of the jail.

Chrestman hadn’t seen a courtroom since his arrest in February 2021 and was slated to finally go before a judge in September.

But his hearing coincided with the jail’s unlawful reinstitution of Covid regulations.

On Sept. 14, without warning, guards reportedly went on an eager “hunt” for COVID-19 patients and arbitrarily enforced the fascistic pandemic protocols.

Many inmates in the patriot pod, the cell block in which J6ers are segregated from other inmates, who refused a Covid test were moved to the hole alongside inmates who tested positive.

Chrestman was in the clear until he was threatened and warned by guards that he would be barred from going to court unless he complied and took the test.

Thankful for the prospect of finally standing before the judge, a step closer to reuniting with his family, Chrestman acquiesced with the cruel and unusual treatment, puncturing his brain by jamming the 6-inch q-tip that he said he “could literally feel behind [his] eyes” through his nostrils in the name of Covid.

He tested positive and was immediately thrown in the hole to ponder whether his long-awaited day in court would be postponed for weeks or months.

“I hadn’t seen a courtroom since Feb. 2021. Things keep happening and they always keep pushing it back,” Chrestman told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

“They gave me a Covid test and [the guard] tells me, ‘[You] tested positive. Bad news. You’re not going to court today.’ COVID, especially in DC jail, is a huge, huge virtue signal — that’s all it is.

“They make a big deal like it’s so scary. You gotta go through all these protocols… meant to make your life hell — meant to take rights away and prevent us from going to court.”


Like all the “safe and effective” measures instituted under the coup de état of the US government Biden regime, the policy denying inmates court appearances for refusing a test or testing positive is made-up one and illegal, even by DC’s standards.

According to the Government of the District Of Columbia Department of Corrections’ latest Medical Stay-in-Place regulations, “DOC continues to transport residents to court as long as the courts are operating. DOC will no longer provide COVID-19 testing to residents at DOC who are housed on quarantine units. Those residents will be required to wear a mask at all times while off of their housing unit.”

Jail guards and correctional officers get away with fragrantly breaking the law daily, Chrestman warned.

“They deny us our constitutional rights to court appearances –they’ve used Covid to deny me court multiple ties– and by their own policy they are not supposed to be allowed to do that,” he fumed. “I found out later that they had no right to deny me that. The regulations are stated on the jail’s ‘Educational Tablet,’ where you can go and check all the policies. If I test positive, they are supposed to give me a mask and make me wear a mask.

They are not allowed to require us to take a Covid test in order to go to court. But even if we take a Covid test and test positive, we are required to wear a mask in court — that’s it! And they denied me court altogether and threw me in the hole! Their rules that say they can’t keep you from going to court.”


According to the Supreme Court, Covid or a pandemic–which is a scam anyway– is no excuse to deny somebody their constitutional rights. The pandemic does not trump your constitutional rights!”

In Sept., at least a dozen J6 political prisoners reached out to TGP for help as they were “being hunted down” for Covid.

Jail guards, correctional officers, who are nearly impossible to identify online, and even the Director of Strategic Communications at the Washington DC Correctional Treatment Facility struggled to justify the petty tyranny.


TGP’s reports exposing the abuse at the prison prompted thousands of Americans to call the jail and demand accountability.

Within days of the phones constantly ringing off the hooks, “The guards just quietly stopped making a big deal about Covid,” Chrestman said.

White men and Trump supporters are apparently more susceptible to Covid than other inmates.

Only J6ers are forced to wear masks when they leave the cell block they are secluded to, Chrestman explained.

“They still require us Jan 6 defendants to wear masks,” he said. “When we go down to medical we must wear a mask at all times, even though none of the guards are wearing masks most of the time.

“And they don’t require any other inmates to wear masks!

“You’ll see these guards and the CEOs yelling at us to put our masks on while we’re going down to medical, yet, they don’t have masks on.

Nearly every correctional officer at the DC Correctional Treatment facility is African American or African.

African-American jail guards reportedly constantly feud with African-native guards over their more conservative viewpoints and support of Trump.

Many of the African-American guards also exhibit overt prejudice against J6 defendants, who comprise most of the white population in the jail where the overwhelming majority of the inmates are African-American.

Inmates are hauled off to the same cell block for quarantine as they are for punishment for violating jail rules, Chrestman explained, describing the hole:

Down below, if you’re there for COVID you’re still under the same lockdown as inmates who committed crimes while incarcerated. They don’t let you out for more than two hours.

It’s disgusting. You’re supposed to be quarantined for health reasons and in a sanitary environment. We had no disenfectant cleaner. We had one dirty mop and dirty mop head and one small broom and we didn’t even have a space to store the trash. So there was no way to really clean the area. It was filthy, disgusting. There was trash all over the place.

Because of Covid, you don’t get to go outside for one hour of sunshine, which we had just started getting in the patriot pod after years of this, and they’re trying to take it away already.

It feels like I’ve been here forever, I’ve been here for almost three years now, and I am having a hard time remembering when things stopped, changed, or started. It was two years before we were permitted visits due to refusing ‘covid vaccinations.’ They were requiring we get vaccinated before we see our family members and our family members also had to show proof of vaccination to visit — it’s ridiculous.

These people think we are stupid.



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