Hell No RNC, We Won’t Vote If They Can Cheat!

By Richard Allen – October 25, 2021

The above chant is not entirely new, a similar chant was first used by Bernie Sanders’ supporters back in 2016 – when they realized that Hillary Clinton’s hacks in the DNC were rigging the primary elections state by state. By rigging the primaries for Hillary, they were in effect stealing these supporters’ votes – that they had joyously given for crazy Bernie during the 2016 Democratic Primary! The chant by these Sanders supporters was a warning to the DNC that if you cancel out our primary votes by fraud, we won’t be voting for Hillary in the general election. If you are interested, you can still buy this keychain button for $2.99 on Amazon! Check it out: https://www.amazon.com/Hell-Hillary-Keychain-Against-Clinton/dp/B01J6O24OU

They say that imitation is a high form of flattery, so my above slogan is directed to Republican National Convention, and their Big Donors with a similar desire, to warn them, and possibly prevent the RNC from total collaboration and capitulation with the Enemy of the American people, that is the Democrat-Marxist Party! It’s clear to all but the most “blind-cool-aid-drinkers” that during the 2020 Election the Democrat-Marxist-Globalist-Deep-State-Machine DEFRAUDED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND RULED AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! And what did the Republicans do after this past 2020 election? Shamefully, they looked the other way! By allowing the Marxist-Democrat Party to cheat on such a grand scale, they canceled our votes, and sent Taxpaying Middle-Class Voters two strong messages: 1.) NEVER VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS AGAIN, and 2.) ALWAYS REMEMBER, RINOS TALK ONE WAY, BUT GOVERN ANOTHER!

I think history has a way of repeating itself and teaching us, if we let it. Hillary didn’t get the Bernie Vote, and many analysts believe that even with the normal cheating that Dems already do in Blue & Purple States, by losing the Bernie Vote they lost winning margins in key swing states, the so called “Blue Wall” that Hillary thought would give her the electoral win: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania & Michigan. When Trump won these states, it was over for HRC and the Democrats. They did learn from their mistakes. They made certain no matter what the outcome of future votes, they’d win major Battle Ground States using tabulation fraud (Dominion), that would take more space to explain than I’m prepared to do here. Only the most uninformed could believe that a bumbling 78 year old with dementia (who couldn’t fill half a middle school gym that only held 300 people), somehow won 81 Million Votes!

Here is a historical perspective: The Dems have been cheating big time since the 1960 Election of John F. Kennedy. In a tight race, when it appeared that then Republican candidate, VP Richard Nixon won, miraculously – Dick Daley, the corrupt mayor of Chicago found a box of uncounted ballots (from Chicago) that put Kennedy over the top, winning the State of Illinois. Sadly, Richard Nixon – himself a mostly establishment Republican, decided against contesting the fraudulent tally from Illinois, and conceded – all for some misguided desire to “allow the country to heal.” Sadly, what almost always passes for a self-sacrificial gesture for the good of others, is actually an encouragement for those who are evil to continue and even increase their bad behavior (Eccl. 8:11).

While some level of cheating has always gone on in both parties, the 1960 Election fraud that brought us Camelot was the beginning of “winning at any cost” by the mostly incumbent Democratic Party. They learned a valuable lesson from Nixon and the Establishment Republicans: “If we cheat – they won’t call us out on it!” Since then they’ve pursued many policies that would over the next 50 years increase their voting coalitions (i.e. Unions, Minority, dependent class, etc.), but they also pursued other policies that culled 20 million potential votes from their majority. I’m speaking about Abortion in the inner cities and ghettos of the US. Almost 20 million African American babies, (a disproportionate 33% of our 60 million total Abortions since 1973), were eliminated from the potential voting roles by Planned Parenthood / Inner City population control. Add to this the drastic decline of unionized labor and you can see how the Democrat Party’s middle-class vote has shrunk. So, what could they do?

The answers are sad, but historically true. They needed to use Illegal Voter Immigration to import the missing working-class coalition voters that were no more — and they needed to cheat! Not just a little cheating, but Big Time Cheating on a grand scale! After 60 years of improvement, their efforts culminated with massive Election Fraud in the 2020 Election that stole the White House and Senate, and probably the House of Representatives.

What makes the 2020 election fraud the biggest political scandal in American history is that it fulfilled the old adage, from Joe Stalin or one of his henchmen, when they said:

It doesn’t matter how many people vote, only who counts them.”

It would be impossible to catalogue the many ways that Democrats cheated 2020, so here are a few broad categories of cheating that have been well documented in multiple states: 1.) Changing Fair Voting Rules. 2.) Voting by Mail & Drop Boxes & 3.) Tabulation and Counting. There were so many abuses in changing the rules of eligibility to vote and chain of custody issues that space won’t allow me to detail them. And using a “well-timed” Pandemic (that had been planned since 2014), the Establishment Deep State sent out millions more ballots than voters, and received back millions more Democrat votes from voters in targeted districts than people who were registered there — none with any chain of custody! I do think that the pièce de resistance had to be using Dominion and tabulation systems to do the counting. Linked to virtually all 50 States, they were able to skim, miscount, overcount, undercount and even stop counting – all to give Joe Biden and other Democrat candidates huge fraudulent wins! But to be honest, this disaster has been a long time in the making.

Over the last 55 years, Democrats have drastically changed the makeup of the US Electorate, starting with the Immigration Act of 1965. https://www.prageru.com/video/illegal-immigration-its-about-power. What was promised at the time would only be a trickle of immigrants, and wouldn’t make any impact on the electorate, has in 55 years turned into a complete re-constitution of the American voting public. The Dems call this the “browning of America,” and try desperately to pretend like it was organic, and not orchestrated by their own deliberate policies. What’s even worse they try to make it a racial issue, as, whenever anyone points out that this was done deliberately by open borders and failed immigration policy, you can immediately hear the knee-jerk response: “Get over it deplorables, you are just afraid of losing your power!”

But the sad truth is that the make-up of our electorate has drastically changed from mostly self-sufficient immigrants who came from world over to seek a better life, to a flood of low-skilled immigrants from mostly 3rd World Countries, the majority of whom go immediately on Welfare, and vote Democrat! By no set of objective measures can anyone say that we’re helping these people find a better life. No, to keep their power, the Democrat Party needed a new group of “dependent underclass voters” to replace their shrinking coalition. Socialist welfare state programs and illegal voter immigration has, as H.L. Menken stated at the start of the New Deal: “Divided Americans into two categories: 1) Those who work for a living, and 2) Those who vote for a living!”

This rampant Voter-Fraud represents the worst political malfeasance in American history, and one which, if not addressed, will end the Republic as we know it. And it’s here that the Establishment Republican Party is AWOL. Dereliction of their duty to Serve, Protect and Defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law, means that we are nothing but an “Oligarchy” of wealthy global power-brokers, moving populations around without borders – all to increase their power, and create dependency on them for our daily bread!

For reasons unknown, the Republican Establishment hasn’t figured out that going along with these policies will hasten their own demise! So here we sit, going into mid-term elections in 2022 with absolutely no reason to vote for these Republican In Name Only candidates. I call RINOS, “Democrat Lite.” For those of us who still work for a living, we fully know who the Democrats are. They prove again and again that they not only want power, but they’ll exercise it once they obtain. The spineless politicians in the Republican party are the ones who’ve failed the people of America! These Establishment types err in thinking: “Where else can middle class go?” They appear ignorant that the deplorables have another option: They’ll stay home and make no effort to contribute or vote for these “RINO Republicans.” Mind you, I’m not advocating this strategy at all, but “Evangelical Christians” and “Value Issues Voters” do feel that “a dollar given to these RINOS, is a dollar to be used against them and other Patriots!”

They keep telling us that our Votes Make a Difference, but IF THE DEMS ARE ALLOWED TO CHEAT, that’s Just Not True! We fully expect the Republican party to demand full audits, and in states where election fraud is proven, Republican Legislatures must “de-certify fraudulent electors” – all to fix the 2020 Election before we come out to vote for Republicans in 2022! As long as the Marxist-Democrats get to Count the Votes, no matter how many working people show up to vote, it will never counter their ability to Cancel our votes using their Dominion Machines! So you better hear us when we say: “Hell No RNC, We Won’t Vote If They Can Cheat!”

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