Humanity’s Atrocities Against Themselves Over the Centuries have been Dire

By Sharmini Jayawardena

When was the first ever spoken of war fought by a people against another people in western society? Was it that as portrayed in the Iliad by Homer?

In Mycenaean times? I say spoken because the Iliad speaks of a time when history was not recorded. Neatly placing it in the realm of that of the legend. So the Iliad is legend and not history, passed down by word of mouth, later attributed to Homer.

That said, I need to search that one out for sure. Ok, I’m back with the info online stating that – the first ever war on this planet, not just in western society, was fought in Mesapotamia ⬇️

“Throughout history, individuals, states, or political factions have gained sovereignty over regions through the use of war. The history of one of the earliest civilizations in the world, that of Mesopotamia, is a chronicle of nearly constant strife. Even after Sargon the Great of Akkad (r. 2334-2279 BCE) unified the region under the Akkadian Empire, war was still waged in putting down rebellions or fending off invaders. The Early Dynastic Period of Egypt (c. 3150-c. 2613 BCE) is thought to have risen from war when the Pharaoh Manes (or Menes) of the south conquered the region of northern Egypt (though this claim is disputed).”

“In China, the Zhou Dynasty gained ascendancy through battle in 1046 BCE and the conflict of the Warring States Period ((476-221 BCE) was resolved when the State of Qin defeated the other contending states in battle and unified China under the rule of emperor Shi Huangdi (r. 221-210 BCE). This same pattern holds for other nations throughout time whether one cites the success of Scipio Africanus (l. 236-183 BCE) in the defeat of Carthage (and so the ascendancy of Rome) or that of Philip II of Macedon (l.382-336 BCE) in uniting the city-states of Greece. Contending armies of opposing nations have historically settled political disputes on the battlefield even though, in time, these armies changed in formation and size.”

That been gotten out of the way, the real reason I’m here on this topic is as my title states, why did people as stated above turn to war in order to settle political disputes? If at all, disputes should be settled through mediation, negotiation made possible by bilateral, trilateral, multilateral talks. The reason why people resort to war which is by all means a bloody and deathly solution which sees to millions being demised, in the war front, the war torn lands and in the fringes, is because of their utterly selfish and self centered nature, and that of personal gain to those who initiate war!

That a leader or someone at the helm of a group of people can resort to putting his or her own people in to a war situation that demands carnage on those who are thrown in to war, their own people, as well as those whom they wage war against, shows how callous and dastardly these so called rulers truly are.

Leafblogazine has been warned not to speak of the ongoing Ukraine war, or risk being demonetized or worse, completely wiped out! Isn’t this another form of waging war, albeit a sinister one, demanding no blood being shed though?! In distant times of times gone by, however, those who wrote against the actions of the ruling class on war and other topics did risk being annihilated, by all means.

So, there is war waged directly in the battle front and war waged in different circles in society for reasons precisely arising from conflict of beliefs, of those who wage these wars!

We are here to speak of the atrocious wars of a bloody nature. Why do we even need to shed blood to decide on issues created by humanity themselves that threaten human existence in resolving it? Does this make human intelligence a purely miserable and lame one? Why was man given a complex brain with all of its sensitivities and sensibilities, if all he knows is how to shed blood of its own kind?

This is a very real and important issue that must be addressed because even today, we are fighting a war in Ukraine, promoted and initiated by Joe Biden’s America that heeds the call of the Deep State. The call that gives Joe Biden a means to solve his own laundering of ill begotten gains in terms of the filthy lucre. But, he goes on to speak of Vladimir Putin’s so called “ill begotten gains”, unflinchingly.

Why is Joe Biden laundering his dirty linen in public, literally?! In today’s world, discretion and finesse does not exist. Every disgraceful act and condition is worked out right out there in public, even though the facts leading to and facts of an intrinsic nature inimical to an issue are hidden and never made transparent?!

The Left promotes and hails transgenderism over transparency!!! This is a very important fact that exposes the very essence of their nature, which is called liberalism.

This is why those on the Left are left totally confused by their own actions, leading to the #GreatMeltdown of the snowflakes as it were. The fact that the Left’s sexual promiscuity and degeneracy that makes them weak in their minds and overall judgement, does not even occur to them. This is how depleted of intelligence the Left truly are. As I’ve always said, the Left’s sexual promiscuity leads them to their liberal privilege of not being able to be transparent on deeper issues like crime in the political arena that require intelligent application. They don’t even want to understand how deeply scaring of the human ethos all of their actions and inactions, are, and have been, on the very existence itself, of humanity as a whole.

It is this kind of degenerate thinking or the lack thereof, that has boldly lead the Left into war situations over the decades by the United States, alone. If you go back in time every single war was fought by Americans when a Democrat or RINO president was in power and holding the reigns at the Oval Office! That’s a fact!

Let’s just look at it, let’s take a good look at the map here – WWI was fought by Woodrow Wilson the most egregious of all ‘progressive’ Darwinist presidents America ever had!!! The next being Joe Biden who initiated the Russian attack on Ukraine. The worst most ‘progressive’ Darwinist interloper, who masquerades as a president, that America has ever seen.

Today, the war in Ukraine doubles as a coverup for the most important of topics, that being the nature of the stolen 2020 Election and the rigged 2020 Election that lead to the gross injustice of patriots being incarcerated for no valid reason other than attending a Trump rally and being present in the Capitol to voice their grievances about the stolen Election. The Ukraine war is also a platform that launders money for both the immediate and extended Biden crime family!

War helps those in power who start wars, in many different ways of attaining their insidious and vindictive ambitions.

Those who pay the ultimate price in wars created by others are the grassroots of the countryside who join the forces in the false belief that they are doing so to protect their Country and freedoms, and those civilians who suffer as a result of being caught in the throes of wars being fought in their countries. Both these realities are the saddest of truths that wars lead us to and leave us with.

So, why are these so called leaders of countries that make these decisions to war, not even having the heart to stop proceeding with such dastardly actions that are grievously hurting and destroying of lives of their countries and that of all of humanity?!

It must be stated that Leafblogazine had decided not to write on the Ukraine war even before Google decreed their laws upon us! The reason being that the powers that be that started this war, as mentioned above, using the war for covering up their own ill begotten gains and more!!!

Check out this post by Leafblogazine done in December of 2017 ⬇️ Much has changed since then.

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