The Midterm and What it Entails for the Republican Party

By Sereniti James

The latest in the news is that George W. Bush aka Dubya is endorsing the RINO Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp.

What this means to the Republican Party is that they will have to distinguish themselves from the good old boys of the GOP or the Grand Old Party.

The GOP is replete with RINOs or the Republican In Name Only who have done nothing but move along to get along with their kissing cousins of the Democrat Party for as long as for ever. This is why no real change has been made possible for the better in the United States for a very long time.

If I’m to put it bluntly, the American Constitution as given to us by the Founding Fathers has not been followed as it is written in a long while. What has passed off for government has been the trivializing of the liberal Left Democrats laced with more than a bit of RINO coalescence which is abhorring.

There has been only but one political Party pretending to be two parties in America, for a very long time. This has been so to the utter detriment of all those living in the Country. This Party’s foreign policy has been an ever disastrous one for the world’s inhabitants.

The patriots of this Country want the real deal. We The People of America would like to see the Constitution being adhered to the very letter.

It is imperative on the part of those conservatives in the Republican Party, who are most probably Trump supporters as well, to make a bold move towards making this happen. This being, the separation of powers as it were between the RINO Republicans and the conservative patriots of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party may even have evolved in to this new and bold form of itself over the past years of it having been in existence. It won’t surprise me if rudiments of this Movement are already very much on the cards.

I would like to call on these patriotic Americans to move forwards in their quest to establishing transparency and accountability in Government as their primary area of interest.

Putting #AmericaFirst and going on to #MAGA or Making America Great Again being the singular aim and goal of the patriots, this being of paramount importance to them.

Binding traditional value structures with modern day technological advancement, will make this Movement a daring and productive one to be shared with those patriots of the rest of the planet.

The American way of governance which ensures Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all will be the valuable gift that America has to share with all those who value their freedoms around the world. Not the spread of war and war mongering that America has come to be known for over many decades of its existence under countless Democrat and RINO lead governments, until today.

America can be that beacon of hope and prosperity that all human beings love, value and long for, so much, that which America is the very embodiment of.

Let us patriots show the way for this great achievement to be made possible with the coming 2022 Midterm Election garnering a victory for the new and clean Republican Party, on this November 3, 2022.

Also remember, that the next challenge up for We The People will be Climate Change which will possibly be hurled at them in readiness for the November 8, 2022 Midterm Election ‼️‼️‼️ This is unless and on top of possibly yet another Viral outbreak that will make it legal for the Demoncrat Democrats to have and operate more of the same drop boxes, no voter ID, dead voters, and all of the other illegal voting methods that the Democrats engaged in during the 2020 Election‼️‼️‼️

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