WAPO and Others Breath Uncertainty into Trump Indictment, Reality Says Otherwise

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

Update on 28th June 2023: Trump is awarded ‘Man Of The Decade Award’ by Michigan’s Oakland County Republican Party. He was the keynote speaker at the Oakland County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner. 

They also say this: that due to a former FBI intelligence analyst having been sent to four years in prison for taking away 386 classified documents, recently, that it has created a bad precedent for President Trump. However, nothing is further from the truth. The president can take away any document he wants with him and those documents will be declassified. In the case of analyst Kendra Kingsbury, however, she was not the POTUS !!

They may indict the president, but not send him to jail for this. Besides, the FBI was in Mar-a-lago for numerous documents related reasons before they raided President Trump’s residence. It was the FBI who stored the documents under lock and key in the premises. So what’s the problem here ? I guess it is just to find a way to detract from the emerging Biden fiascos. For one the debt ceiling is now on the back burner. Nobody speaks of it. It is allowed to go on unabated. But the Trump so-called indictment is up close and full frontal news.

Well, all I can say is, no publicity is bad publicity and President Trump will eventually stand to gain from this as well.

Obama can’t turn around and say “no one is above the law”, when it happens to him for real reasons. Biden and the rest of the Democrat bandwagon will have to shut up when it comes for them, for real reasons. They actually wanted an innocent man put away for keeping authorized declassified documents.

They have all committed real crimes that are punishable by treason. Everything they have done amounts to treason. So, when are they going to be taken away and properly dealt with ?! 

According to WAPO, lawlessness started with the Republicans demanding the 2020 election results be verified against fraud, with the gathering of patriots in DC on January 6, 2021, or even before that, when President Trump demanded that the Hilary Clinton emails be investigated by the FBI in 2016. WAPO and others claim inciteful rhetoric by President Trump and other Republicans like Kari Lake, are pushing for lawlessness, which is not true.

Lookie here, how is it you have forgotten the Summer of 2020 ?! Burning down cities, destroying historical monuments and desecrating statues of revolutionary heroes, bare faced murder, looting, arson that went on for months on end !!! They, antifa and blm, were sent in and sent out to create more havoc. A drug addict was memorialized with a statue that has not been brought down  ! 

My opinion is that not enough of the Republicans are using enough rhetoric on all of the injustice that goes on in DC.

What happens now that John Durham has appeared in Congress and said that Hilary Clinton created the entire Russia Hoax ?! Well, nothing ! They are all focused on the Trump indictment !

What happens to the millions in bribes taken by Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family ?! Nothing. The focus is on the Trump indictment.

What happened to the Hunter Biden Laptop from 

Hell ?! Nothing. The Trump indictment is in full focus.

What happens to millions more dollars being printed and shipped to Ukraine ?! Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff and the radical Left bandwagon get to launder more money !!!

So there it goes. Chris Christie, whoever it is, says that there was much trouble created during the Trump presidency. What I may ask were these troubles, specifically ?! I bet he cannot state one single problem, specifically. That’s because there were only gains for America and Americans during all of the Trump Presidency. They talk just because they have mouths, through which they spew everything from lies to lies and more lies.

The Republican Party is the sobering influence in all of politics in America and not the other way about.

The fiasco goes on. But not for long. Indictment or not, President Trump is running in 2024, and not only that, President Trump is winning in 2024.

You don’t like it, well, reserve yourself a berth in GTMO, Now !

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