The U. S. Supreme Court’s Decisions in Recent Times Have Been Constitutionally Aligned

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11th July 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

First came the decision on Roe v Wade, which was not even a Law as the victim did not have to abort her kid in the first place and a ‘Law’ was created out of thin air. That is all the Democrats are capable of achieving for themselves.

The second is the decision on Affirmative Action which is in itself an unconstitutional ‘Law’, to begin with. The Declaration of Independence is very clear on this – 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The snowflakes had serious meltdowns on both decisions having been issued, with people down the Democrat spectrum from Woopie Weepey Goldberg to Michelle Michael Obama giving their two cents worth on both decisions.

It is hoped that the SCOTUS will think soundly and decide intelligently in certain other cases that need serious addressing, as well. These being Critical Race Theory, that which is being administered ad nauseum in, of all places, schools, colleges and military academies and military installations all around America. The purveyors of CRT believe America is systemically racist. Diversity and inclusion, which is their answer to the ‘problem’, is absolutely unconstitutional . 

CRT is nothing but a myth, presumably created by a decadent academic called Kendi. Gender studies, race studies and so forth are hardly disciplines, as college student programs are known to be. These are mushroom programs created to give the untalented a place from where they can spew lies to the rest of the world. Same goes for political science, sociology, environmental and climate studies. 

These areas have no precedents to go by. The purveyors of these myths create their own stories and rehash them multiple times wasting good people’s good efforts and good money. 

We are now hoping that the SCOTUS will also see the Transgender mania for what it is, a blatant discrimination against women, and that a case will appear before the SCOTUS that will give them the chance to stop the lunacy of men performing in women’s sports, for good. We are hoping these abominations to the Constitution too, will be eliminated. 

Further, we hope the SCOTUS will put an end to genital mutilation of children, which is a grosse violation of their rights as minors to be left the hell alone by abusive, self seeking adults who’s only aim is to further the myth of diversity and inclusion, which are both abjectly unconstitutional.

America needs to see the systematic destruction of these theories which are forced and pushed upon the People, fast. Neither the heterosexuals nor the gay community are in agreement with what the radical liberal Left wants to turn humanity into – a woe-d-evil monstrosity. A zombie land.

Certain judges from around the Country have placed injunctions on cases related to both CRT and genital mutilation. However, so far not enough of them are ruling in favour of right judgement and constitutionality regarding these areas. We need to surpass this impasse.

The next matters at hand that the SCOTUS must double down on are Election Integrity and Sealing Biden’s open borders, which challenges our sovereignty. These unconstitutional practices must be quelled and quelled, fast. In fact, the sovereignty of the Country must be secured first, to proceed with other matters. Very rightly, Texas’ Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers, has declared it an invasion.

“In July of last year, Carruthers joined a list of judges, sheriffs, and other Texas officials in signing a declaration of invasion and calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to join them in labeling the crisis of illegals as an official invasion under Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, The Center Square reported at the time.”

If we can achieve these targets for establishing liberty within the 2023-2024 period, then we are as good as having won the 2024 Election for a Trump presidential term.

It is unbelievable that a Country that lauds itself for being the first to uphold liberty and justice could go on being dictated to by spurious ‘laws’ that have been constitutionally challenged for so long a period of time. What is the recourse to justice for having forfeited the Rights of We the People, for this long ? Compensation is due and the SCOTUS must address this issue as well.

The US Constitution bequeaths certain God given unalienable rights, which is Natural Law by the Rule of Law as reduced to writing in the Constitution, and NOT by rule of man. This is the fundamental spirit and nature of American Constitutionality.

How are we to reverse pay or give back to the many who have lost positions in colleges to say Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris, (who calls herself black when she isn’t) ??

How do we give back payment to those who have been denied justice in the thousands due to the unconstitutional Roe v Wade having been in implementation for decades ??

We must give these matters due thought and diligence as we proceed to Make America Great Again.

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