Hence Forth, America Will Have ZERO Interference in the Affairs of Foreign Nations

13th August 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

Having read and digested the appalling contents of this article, I have reached the conclusion that all foreign missions of countries within and outside of their territories MUST be dismantled, uprooted and sent packing back to where they belong. They belong in their own countries !!!

This strong arming and mafioso gangster tactics have been perpetrated on foreign diplomats by successive RINO and DINO American governments for far too long !! We the People need to see to the removal of these establishments, instantly.

Joe Biden has also being caught, as testified by Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s friend and business partner, interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine, long before they started the war there.

‘Viktor Shokin was removed as Ukraine’s Prosecutor General in 2016 due to pressure from Western governments (Joe Biden) and allegedly international institutions like the EU and IMF. His dismissal was part of a “larger anti-corruption effort,” as Shokin’s office had been criticized for not “adequately pursuing corruption investigations.”

“As for the assertion that these investigations were supposedly “dormant,” then I can give very striking examples, namely our actions after the ban on 23 million Zlochevsky was lifted in the UK,” said Shokin.

“Biden then threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine unless Shokin was fired. Who can forget Joe Biden bragging about it on video?”’

From the video interview – Shokin says this of Biden:

“Question: If Joe Biden were in front of you, what would you tell him?

Shokin: I wish him luck, because he will need it. In my opinion, his moral and individual qualities are very low and to continue living normally in the United States or in another country he will need to be lucky. If the law is applied to Joe Biden, in Ukraine or in the United States then most likely he will be held responsible for the actions he committed.”

The Biden Administration must’ve thought that the former Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan’s arrest on account of his support of Russia would spark a retaliatory response by Russia, in Pakistan. The Biden Administration must’ve intended to start a war in the South Asian country, thereby putting the entire region of South Asia at risk of being destroyed. By God’s will however, this did not happen. Instead, they went for the bigger piece of the pie – Ukraine.

Successive American governments have seen to the destabilization of numerous countries and regions over the past decades. Wherever the American political hierarchy deemed it lucrative for them to have a hand in impoverishing a country in order that they may benefit from amassing its natural resources for themselves, they have done so, by destabilizing these countries through war. The Middle East is the example.

The Clintons did the same in Haiti and others have done so and keep doing so in African countries.

America usually provokes their long standing opponent, Russia. by poking the bear as it were, in the form of waring in regions where Russia finds it imperative to engage in counter offensives, so that a geopolitical balance may be maintained. A good example is Afghanistan.

The Russians before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, apparently stormed the Country to support the Soviet backed Afghan government, to fight against the Mujahideen guerillas who are supposed to have been backed by the Americans at the time. Until two years ago when the Biden Administration decided to abandon the Country, and twenty years after America occupied Afghanistan, the Country has been systematically destroyed and torn apart by American interference in the Country.

(The decision must’ve been instigated by an intended war to be fought in Ukraine.)

America invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and left Afghanistan in 2021 !!!

The military industrial complex refers to the soldiers as  “standing up for liberty”, and having fought for the freedoms of the free world. Well, the American military and politickery 👉🏻Why are you fighting the rest of the world with bullets when you can achieve better results by spreading your much lauded Constitution ?! Well, it apparently never struck their greedy minds !!! For them, it has always been their way or the highway !!! And the dollars keep pouring into the coffers of the network of grifters.

9/11 continues to be the stick they wield against American citizens concerned about the realities of war.

The freedom narrative is a myth to entice  American youth to join the forces in the misguided belief that they are somehow fighting for America and to protect  American freedoms from oppression. 

Meanwhile, the cat and mouse waring game has been going on unabated for far too long, in many countries around the world, to assert America’s dominance in countries and regions that are proven beneficial to them in some way. This MUST absolutely END.

We have seen this happen blatantly in the ongoing war in Ukraine. We also saw it happen in Vietnam in years gone by. Even though propaganda supporting the Americans claimed to have won that war for the Americans, it was too obvious to the world at large that the Americans surrendered and left that Country, having relinquished yet another victory for their adversary. The Vietnamese refer to the war as the American war as they had fought and won the French war against the colonial French before that. They also refer to the American war as a victory over western imperialism, which it was. 

But this information did not trickle down through the media industrial complex to the American People who were gullibly fighting against the war in their own country, while their brothers and sisters in the military sacrificed their lives in another country !!!

Leaf had shared a YouTube video on the Cu Chi Tunnels of the Viet Cong and how it sought to fight the Americans from the bottom up. The video was subsequently removed by either the account holder or by YouTube.

No doubt, war has a debilitating impact on ordinary men and women in the frontlines as well as in the periphery on both sides. Ultimately it takes a toll on the citizenry while those who push the buttons enrich themselves having taken self serving subjective decisions.  

America has been the aggressor and the waring faction of this planet in modern times, proven over time and again and it is time for America to fold and never return to countries where they have no business occupying or interfering in.

It was ONLY during the Presidency of Donald J. Trump that America showed its peaceful face to the rest of the planet. The world’s inhabitants look forward to another term in office for President Donald J. Trump whom they respect dearly, Americans should as well, if they are peace loving people.


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