Lindsey Graham Checkmates Democrats: ‘Adam Schiff Will Be in Jail for 1,000 Years If That Becomes a Crime’

David Hawkins

August 17, 2023

From Slay News

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has checkmated the Democrats as they gloat over the indictments of President Donald Trump.

In a thread on Twitter/X, Graham warned that the Democrats’ desperate attempts to take down Trump ahead of the 2024 election will only backfire on themselves.

Graham said:

“[Trump’s] being prosecuted in a way to make challenging an election a crime just for him.

“You can claim you were cheated if you’re a Democrat.

“If you claim you were cheated as a Republican, they’re going to try to put you in jail.

“Remember the Russian hoax and the Mueller investigation?

“Donald Trump is being charged with a criminal act for telling people to watch a network show about the election.

“If that becomes a crime Adam Schiff will be in jail for 1,000 years,” Graham noted.

“How many times did Schiff go on MSNBC and CNN and tell us Donald Trump was a Russian agent?

“This is very dangerous what they are doing to our country.

“It’s a terrible double standard.”

Lindsey also took a few swipes at Biden:

“Two years later the Taliban is repressing women and cozying up to terrorist organizations.

“Afghanistan is again seen as a launching pad for attacks against American interests by radical Islamists.

“This disastrous withdrawal put radical Islam on steroids throughout the world, sent a signal of weakness to nations like Russia, China, and Iran, and has led to great destabilization and heartache throughout the world.

“This was all so unnecessary and avoidable.”

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