‘We Wanted to Shoot all Christians in the Class!’ – Austrian Teens Arrested before Planned Massacre

By Guest Contributor Aug. 21, 2023 

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‘Because that would ‘take us to paradise’

A report about plans for a mass slaughter of Christians – and how it was foiled – has been documented by Raymond Ibrahim, the Distinguished Senior Shillman Fellow at the Gatestone Institute

And it describes how two teens, 15 and 16, born and integrated into the culture in Austria, appeared in Leoben Regional Court recently on their plans to massacre “as many people as possible during an attack on the middle school attended by the 15-year-old, in Bruck an der Mur.”

The report explained, “When confronted in court, the boys — who both have a history of violence and criminality— admitted that ‘We wanted to shoot all the Christians in the class!’ Asked how they would have responded if police had intervened, they said, ‘We would have surrendered’ — adding that ‘Allah would have forgiven’ them in prison, since ‘Killing Christians takes us to paradise.’”

A local report described them as “inconspicuous.” But it said “something dark was brewing in their heads.” That was that their goal was to make Austria a caliphate.

They were asking online about terrorist related material and so caught the attention of authorities.

They were given two years behind bars but likely will serve only a fraction because of their ages.

Ibrahim said, “The entire incident is a reminder that Austria appears to be sitting on a time bomb. Even though authorities managed to thwart what could have been a tragic massacre of schoolchildren — as they thwarted an earlier one in 2020 — Muslim hostility in Austria continues to grow, suggesting that it might only be a matter of time before a severe terrorist attack or worse overwhelms that nation.”

The report confirmed already “muggings and beatings” are more or less commonplace and passersby are attacked “on almost a daily basis.”

One part of Vienna is run by North Africans, another by Afghans.

Crime, including sex crimes, is surging and police appear to be responding in the wrong way.

“After a 20-year-old Austrian woman waiting at a bus stop in Vienna was attacked, beaten, and robbed by four Muslim men — including one who ‘started [by] putting his hands through my hair and made it clear that in his cultural background there were hardly any blonde women’ — police responded by telling the victim to dye her hair,” the report explained.

But it is the hate of Christians and Jews that is alarming, he explained.

In 2020, a Muslim “bloodbath” of Catholics was thwarted. In 2016, a Muslim stabbed Christian woman for reading the Bible. In April 2022 a Muslim man beat a Christian for handing out Bibles. In 2017, a Christian church cross was vandalized. In 2014, a man went on a vandalism spree after listening to Muslim chants.

Then there was the beheading of Jesus and Mary statues in a prayer garden.

“Possibly most significant is that all of this hostility and violence is taking place in a backdrop where the Muslim population continues to burgeon in Austria — to the point that there are now more Muslim students than Catholics in the schools of Austrian cities, including Vienna, the capital, and Linz,” the report said.

And mosques have been found to be teaching Muslim youths NOT to befriend native Austrians, the report confirmed.

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