“The (Stinky) Wrinklies”*

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Being words mentioned to describe a pair of Great-aunts, in the book a little grandson had borrowed from the local library to read during his grandma’s visit to see him from literally miles away is intriguing. The Great-aunts in the story proving to be anything but what the words mean!

“…Oh I’ll be fine if one gray hair shows, I’ll be fine/If my waistline grows, I’ll be fine/ Even if time takes its toll/We’ll stay young for the rest of our lives” play my fave radio station, sung by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, where I take a listen to.

I somehow go through the “forking paths” and wind up at this interview by a reporter with Dr Loo Keng Shien, PhD, Consultant Aesthetic Physician, peterchngskinspecialist.com
speaking of how the loss of collagen in your skin through aging, exposure to UV rays of the Sun, and pollution in the environment leads your skin to deteriorate and give you sagging skin, bags, blemishes and most of all wrinkles!

(What struck me in the very instant is that the interviewer was not using his/her name. There definitely was something fishy there. Although I went on reading it and subsequently arrived at my own conclusions on how we can possibly maintain healthy, regenerated and rejuvenated skin.

Ok, all this is true. But what got me on this case is how after I had written this post this interview was surreptitiously removed from the site:

I had saved this interview. But, when I went back and searched for it, it was gone! Just like that and in its’ place was a post on another site:

On this site I find Dr Loo Keng Shien expressing her strong concerns about this “scam” which “hijacked” her “identity” in order to selling their product – Bioxelan!

She was even more concerned for the patients who have been badly mislead and she goes on to conclude that there is no one single skin care product that can be used to cure every type of skin problem.

It’s interesting that I got on to this from literally nowhere or was it from somewhere.

What this ‘scammer’ site was propounding however is as follows:

That Dr Loo Keng Shien, puts the patients’ safety as a priority speaking of minimally invasive procedures, and Bioxelan.

This product is supposedly created out of plant stem cells which studies show renew human cells immediately after application. With continued regular application bringing almost full recovery and therefore rejuvenation.

It enables rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin which was once thought of as impossible except in the invasive and risky procedure of plastic surgery.

In the interview in question, Dr Loo goes on to say that this Bioxelan Skin Renewal Excellence (as it is called), is not commercially produced as yet, due to the Pharmaceutical interests (Industry), wanting to market it as a high end product which was not the intention of those who created it. That being the non-profit organization that Dr Loo Keng Shien works with.

Who’s scamming whom aside, I concluded: could it be possible to achieve this youthfulness of skin even without the application of any external commercially available product or products at all.

At a time it was revealed that those who observed regular meditative exercises could achieve these very same results.

However, could it be possible that these same results could be obtained by eating natural foods as against gm foods and leading a life free of stress.

There are areas on this planet known as the Blue Zones, longevity hot-spots, which are designated by certain scientists as areas where centurions live a healthy and active long life. One such peoples are known as the Okinawan Centurions.

Or, better still! How about a life filled with the antidote to all ills: Love and Affection, and a life surrounded by fine tunes as in the acute decibels that make each one of us tick. Are these the ultimate panacea for all of our ills. Particularly, those that make us lose our youthfulness and our youthful outlook to life itself.

These aspects in our lives are worth giving a great deal of thought and attention to!

It may possibly hold the key to certain basic truths of life.

“If music be the food of love, play,
Give me excess of it; that
The appetite may sicken, and so,
Duke Orsino in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Act I, Scene I.

Oh, then there is this – Ageism! According to Wikipedia “stereotyping or discriminating against individuals or groups on the basis of their age.” An interesting read, exposing our many shortcomings and short shortsightedness about age in general! 

*Harry and the Wrinklies by Alan Temperley, Scholastic, 2004

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