Ember! The Smart Mug

By Sharmini Jayawardena


Voted Time magazine’s best invention for 2017, Ember, the world’s first temperature control ceramic mug, is selling itself, with its intelligent features, especially by not letting your hot beverage get cold! They’ve achieved it, when it comes to getting that mug done to a perfection!

It reminds you that your coffee or tea is ready by reflecting the temperature on your phone! Be-leaf!

“The smartphone-controlled mug keeps coffee at the perfect temperature for longer. Users can control the temperature of the Ember coffee mug via an app or with a twist of the mug’s base.”

“The 12 ounce (350ml) Ember mug uses patented phase-change heat and cooling technology to keep the coffee or tea inside at a preferred temperature for around two hours. Phase-change materials shift from one state to another when exposed to different temperatures. …”

“This type of material has a wide-ranging potential, with researchers exploring its use in construction, robotics, new kind of refrigerators (smart refrigerators), and of course, coffee mugs.”

“To refuel, the mug is placed on a wireless charging pad, which doubles as a coaster and restores it to full charge in 1.5 hours.” –
Source: Ember

It ensures that your last sip is as hot as your first sip! Wow!

Good deal for you guys enjoying cafe culture out there, in Melbourne. On Labour Day,12th March, you can enjoy your coffee/tea, with zero percent input of labour, going into the making of that morning’s mug!

If you are armed with a smart mug, that is!

What the heck! There’s no coffee mug emoji available! Hmmm, this needs to be invented first, I guess.

Awesic*, guys! Grab that mug-ga right there I say.

What you need to know from the product page:

Remotely adjusts to your ideal temperature

Select your LED colour

Choose and save your reset for different drinks.

Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

Here are the travel/mobile mug versions of the smart mug:

*Awesic, being a word coined by a very intelligent nine year old little guy❣


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