How Radical is the Globalists’ Agenda

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

It started long ago. As long as 1807 with the introduction of the Organic Act that sort to change the political system of a Constitutional Republic by the existing Constitution, created by the Founding Fathers in the 1700s.

It was further solidified by the presidency of ‘progressive’ Democrat Woodrow Wilson in 1913! He surreptitiously installed the Fourth Branch of government called the Administrative State in between We The People and the existing three branches of government in to the Constitution, by which politicians became less accountable to We The People.

They were all grossly treasonous acts that went unaddressed then, which remained unaddressed until today. These are heinous and traitorous crimes committed against the American We The People by the ‘progressives’, that provoked no opposition to it, for all of these decades. Why?!

The reason being, changes made to the existing system of government being eroded by what is now known as permeation/ gradualism. The Democrats engaged in a non-traditional ‘revolution’ by slow covert incremental infiltration. They did this, so that no single generation of Americans will see the changes being made, to be provoked in to resistance.

Possibly RINOs or the Republican In Name Only, existed then as they do now. Definitely this must have further bolstered the lack of resistance to the on going coup by the Democrats against America.

The emergence of the Democrat Party itself was detrimental to a Constitutional Republic that pursued life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all under one God. The federalists comprising George Washington, John Adams and Andrew Jackson did not favor a decentralized government. They “supported a strong central government.”

The two party system was one that rose from the British system of governance which the American Founders opposed.

As far back as 1828, when the Democrat Party was formed, the globalist intent prevailed however rudimentarily. If you take a step back and look at the whole picture you will see how the American Revolution that began in the 1700s has continued since, up until today! We are still seeing a dissidence between two factions of people, unable to arrive at a plan to rise above petty political gain.

Liberalism entered the Democrat thinking with America being governed and known as an amoral place where people sent caution to the wind. Was the decision to include sex education in the school curriculum in the ‘60s, to teach children as young as sixteen years of age, about sex, a prudent one?

From where it started and where it has taken us from then to where we are at now, in the gross presence of transgenderism, and the LGBTQrst era, we are certainly in an abject state.

The seeds of degeneracy entering the human psyche began as far back as then. The introduction of liberalism in to society begot nothing but degeneracy that lead to a whole generation of Americans behaving like the brainless idiots that they had become.

When you pay so much attention to being amoral and give pride of place to open outrageous behavior, disrespect towards the older generation, denouncing tradition, engaging in pre-marital sex leading to extra-marital affairs, it becomes and turns in to a horrific place.

In effect, what government did was to take away the responsibility of parents towards their children and place it in the hands of schools and government! As a result today we see schools interfering in students’ sexual development and upbringing. That which these up starts call “grooming”!!!

School authorities decide which gender your child belongs to having created a third gender of their own! School authorities have taken over the most important part of your child’s development, the sex of your child, and used it against you the parents. They have weaponized your child’s sexual identity to wield power over you the parent! Your child has become cannon fodder in their hands, and abused, towards attaining their horrific goal of attacking parents through their children. What ensues is total and utter ill-discipline and mayhem. This is how they destroy the middle class and the family unit in order to achieve their goal of controlling and manipulating “the masses”. Is this civilized behavior on the part of the school authorities which directly answer to government?!

They are total and absolute control freaks! Are these the type of people you want influencing your child? It is time to apply the wrecking ball to all schools in democrat lead states, or what they call “blue states”! It is time for you to homeschool your child. It is time for you to fall back on the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Your child who grows up in this gross manner under CommonCore education is then let out into the world at large with absolutely no real tools set to deal with life. They turn to drug abuse in order to run away from the problems life poses to them. They engage in free sex and debachery as entertainment. They are given the solution of abortion as a ready remedy to the problems arising from the choices and actions that government has made your child take. Utterly risqué to say the least.

Millions of babies have been aborted in America up until today, over the decades. This has gone on since as way back as the ‘60s when all of this sexual promiscuity began entering American society. Feminism added to problems in the work place that resulted in the break up of families and society at its nucleus. America even succeeded in exporting this degeneracy to the rest of the world. Fortunately, the world did not go it the whole hog!

Those who introduced liberalism to America and to American children were interested in dehumanizing and depopulating the Country through their Satanic rituals, supported by the millions of abortions these satanists had others perform for them, to achieve their ends! They are the Catholic Church that while denouncing abortion, also promotes it in the form of the likes of Joseph Robinette Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who are all Democrats and who are all pro-choice Catholics!

It is appalling that there is very little opposition to the pro-choice leanings of Biden, Pelosi and other Catholics in Congress and the Senate by the Catholic congregation.

The Catholic Church having created all the sins of this world then calls upon its congregation to go to confession which simply means, confessing your guilt in having committing the sin created by the Church!!! What is this abject lunacy? What does the Church want its congregation to become? Utterly guilty souls eternally running away from their actions?!

There in lies the unaccountability of government to “the masses”. The socialist ‘progressive’ Darwinist globalist elite believe they are not accountable to We The People.

As far as I know, you are responsible for your own actions and all repercussions arising from your actions, and no amount of guilt or confession on this, is going to solve anything for you or anyone. Guilt and Confession in itself being a gross Satanic ritual.

This is why the Democrats have never taken responsibility for what they do. They know nothing about transparency or accountability. They keep shoving the blame on others all the time.

The Catholics gave rise to tyrannical Islam and to tyrannical Islamic laws. It’s a long story but this is true that Islam was created by the Catholic Church. It’s an entire topic of its own to be discussed in another post. The Catholics created the anti-Christian juggernaut in order to put paid to all of civilization up until then.

Barack Hussein Obama was brought in suddenly from nowhere in to the political foray, if you remember. It was done in a bid to destroy America at its very core. His Vice President was Joe Biden.

Together the wanted to Islamize America. Thankfully it didn’t work out due to reasons I will bring to light in a future post.

The Democrats move to further erode our culture and our society and traditions. Think about it! Biden is clamping down on our guns:

“It’s called the “Frame or Receiver and Identification of Firearms Final Rule” (2021R-05F), and according to the DOJ,( (Department of Justice), it’s intended to modernize the definition of firearm.

Who said anything regarding guns needing to be modernized!!!

“Ghost Guns” are getting a lot of attention in this rule. These are guns that are privately made using components lacking commercial serial numbers. As a result, these guns are untraceable.”

The Democrats are fast getting on to gun laws with gun control which is a direct attack on our Second Amendment to the Constitution : “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This attempted takeover of our Second Amendment rights has to be stymied at all cost on all counts, on all fronts.

The Second Amendment was placed there precisely for the purpose of putting a stop 🛑 to a tyrannical government. One such as the one we have today in America.

The radical and hostile agenda of the liberal globalist elite is infiltrating all aspects of our lives, even as we breath. We must put a stop to this. We must end this radicalism, Now!

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