The Deep State is in Charge of Biden whom They Hired just because He’s Badly Compromised

8th September 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Why did the Democrat led Deep State choose Joe Biden to lead their boondoggle plan for America ? 

The Deep State decided that Biden was the chosen presidential candidate because they could blackmail him into doing all of the rubbishy decisions, especially to print money to send to Ukraine, while Americans suffered at home with catastrophically escalating bills on their hands !!!

Joe Biden, this slimy rat, would do anything they asked him to do because he feared the risk of going into prison. A dark and grimy prison made ready for him by his Deep State handlers.

The conservative media often speaks of Biden’s handlers, but never puts a finger on them. Here I am doing so. 

Joe Biden’s handlers are the Deep State cohorts. 

So, the Deep State picks this scumbag, to make happen what the Deep State wants the world to become, by impoverishing  America, to begin with. Once they have Americans gasping for breath, they would have achieved their goal of impoverishing the rest of humanity and thereby the planet. 

This is the subtle, manipulative and insidious plan of the Globalists who are the Deep State: the World Economic Forum run by the Council on Foreign Relations, and the CCP or the Chinese Communist Party. 

The War that all of these people are talking of every time they open their mouths, leading to WWIII, is nothing but what is taking place right now. The Deep State wants a world intact to further their New World Order by One World Government, not one that is totally destroyed by a nuclear holocaust !!! 

It is heartening to know that we have right now successfully destroyed the Chinese economy with most of the manufacturing leaving China to start over elsewhere, notably, Mexico.

This is a great leap forwards for the People, to see change happening even without having to spend a single bullet fired with their hands. (Though Ashli Babbitt and other Patriots did face bullets that killed them, tragically !!! That was Republican, Trump supporter blood !).

Evidently, the “Progressives” are in a dither as their plans did go awry with the Patriots entering the hallowed portals of the “progressives”, which was the Capitol building.

It is true that Biden is shitting bullets for Ukraine, by order of the Deep State. But, those bullets he’s shitting are not bearing the due and expected results for them. They are as of now, losing the fight against We the People, even as we speak. 

Their sacred cow, or in this case the pig, is fast fading into diminutiveness. Very soon, countries that don’t subscribe to the Deep State, like India and Russia will occupy the position that China used to occupy by order of the Deep State.

India and Russia are not known to be the bedfellows of the Deep State by any stretch of the word. 

The 33% who claim Biden “as someone they’re proud to have as president”, are the very sheeple on the Left, who are the problem, together with the ravenous RINO population ! 

They don’t bother to educate themselves on what is happening to their Country due to Biden, just because they stand to benefit from his actions. They are people who have been hoisted to positions of power by acts of corruption and they thrive on corruption. 

These corrupt individuals don’t want a change to the status quo. Yet, The ball or cannon they kicked to begin with, has now rolled along and the Left cannot stop it from rolling as it rolls through and into their hallowed territory. It is going to destroy them in the process of doing so and the conservatives would have nailed it while not firing a single bullet.

This is how the “Progressive” Globalist Elite Tyrants wanted it. Not a single shot to be fired so that no one generation would see change happen. It is called Permeation/ Gradualism. Fortunately for We the People, they acted Right on January 6th, yes, on that fateful January 6th 2021, when We the People Patriots sacrificed their lives for The Cause ! By doing what had to be done to force the hand of the Tyrant, to shoot that firy shot and they did !!!

(This is why the “Progressive” Globalist lawyers, judges and juries are systematically and repeatedly sending the Patriots of January 6, to hard labour sentencing. They are sending these great men and women to long years in prisons that are in worse than third world conditions. They are being sent to prisons where they subject them to the harshest acts of torture they possible can muster. All done to break the Metal or RECTITUDE of We the People Patriots who are languishing in prisons everywhere in the United States right now.) 

Our Cause is The Cause to eliminate ALL RINOs from our midst. The RINOs are the worst scum on this earth. I believe the shots that the “Progressives” were made to fire out of the trigger happiness of that Capitol Police cohort of the “Progressive” Globalist Nancy Pelosi’s minion, MIchael Byrd, or the shot fired by force of God himself, changed the course of events for the “Progressives”, badly.

There’s something, a clue possibly, to all of this skullduggery on their part. Why was murderer in cold blood aka Michael Byrd promoted to the rank of Captain in the past weeks ?!

From there on, it has been a downhill roll-a-coaster ride for them. They created their own hole and they think they are sending the conservatives in there, but no, they are being sent in the hole they themselves created for themselves to fall into. This is a very dark hell hole, indeed. Take a look at this meme:

Check out this Link:

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