Let’s Just Check Out the Grand Old Daddies of the Internet

In the Spotlight

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Starting with Steve Jobs* and Bill Gates, let’s face it, Jobs is the most likeable of the two of them and all of the rest of them.

The rest of them working out from Jeff Bezos to Sergey Brin and the recently subpoenaed for being in the Little St. James Island of Epstein notoriety, Larry Page, to Reid Hoffman, also called out for being present on the same island of disgrace, disrepute and ill repute.

We move on to the founder of Pinterest Ben Silverman to the founders of Tumblr, Reddit and others.

Peter Theil, co-founder PayPal, President Clarium Capital, Chairman Palantir, Partner in Founders Fund, Chairman of Valar Ventures, Chair of Mithril Capital.

The pure evil 😈 nasty in this category being the Zucker-bugger whose evil knows no bounds.

Of all of them, the coolest until today is undoubtedly Elon the Musk, of Tesla, Elon Musk, to be exact, (I realized that his name doesn’t appear in search unless I say it right🤪), SpaceX, The Boring Company, SkyLink and did I miss out on anything here ? And of course, Steve Wozniak and Paul Allen being some of the best guys out there.

The fact remains that all of these Apps-ters and Start Ups are on their way out of here. We even posted on this way back in 2018 ! Check this out.

People are going to take back control of their lives and it’s going to happen on the Internet, this time around. This is why the Smart Apps energized by Start Ups are going to see their downward spiral to oblivion, soon. 

The moment the interface of your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer starts appearing in front of you, right before you, all of this up until now considered software is going to disappear just like that, with the click of a button … and voila ! Begone you trespassers ! Be Gone !

All of the invasive intrusions by the many apps and ups will be gone and so will the ability of tech mechanics on the many mainstream social media apps to censor us at will, BE Gone !!! The hitherto manipulable content on social media, will be permanently disabled. 

Transparency will finally become king and our right to the First Amendment will finally be restored. Never again will we have to worry about who will own these Apps, democrats or conservatives and so on. It will all be done and dusted, a thing of the horrible past. 

We will be amazed at how much energy we spent literally in vain, to evade these censorship behemoths or tzars like Zuckerberg and the lot, including the oldest of the daddies, Bill Gates, himself. They will all be relegated to the gory past and be seen for who they truly are – a bunch of troublesome demons. 

Once we’ve got rid of these icons as they are known, it will be a free world for all to explore from the real to the virtual, of course all made possible by the virtual. The Internet will be finally functioning as the true purveyor of the truth and the real. Nobody will be able to hide behind the many veils they have created for themselves thus far.

And no further ! We the People will rule from the stratosphere to the atmosphere and no more, except for the fact of privacy needing to be maintained in the most obvious of areas, will it be possible for anyone to play hide and seek, hereafter.

Fact checking will be a disgusting tool of the disgraced past.

The Planet will almost overnight, automatically transform itself into a luminous translucent whole. Like certain people say of themselves even today, “I have nothing to hide so go ahead and surveil me or do whatever of the sort that you want to do to the content I have shared out there”. In today’s world, this would be called invasion of privacy and breaking of privacy laws or whatever. Like what the social media apps say in their infamous Terms and Conditions, “Our privacy laws blah blah blah whatever the heck they mean !!!

WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get will finally come to pass. 

Our minds will get so advanced in its capacity to function that we may not really need cumbersome hardware like rockets to conquer the universe. We may get there faster and with greater accuracy than any rocket we have ever produced to get to that point right now. This will happen but how and how soon is the question, however. 

Sci-fi movies have shown us many a time, of this becoming a reality sooner or later. So, all we have to do I guess is to go with the flow and embrace the massive change when it shows signs of happening. 

Where the world of Delivery is concerned, I guess a thing could be made to materialize just as soon as the idea manifests itself in your mind. This is too much into the future and too far-fetched for us to even imagine right now. But it is all in the cards for the future existence of mankind and for that of all of this Planet’s numerous beings. Time will tell.

As far as Games are concerned we will no longer be outside looking in, but inside looking out, as it were. As it has been said time and again, we will find, that the line between reality and virtuality is so thin. In this case, it will literally disappear. We will be living in many different levels at the same time like we do right now but are unable to see the different tiers. We will not only be ambidextrous as it were, but be omnidextrous. There you go I think I just created my very own word that I believe must enter the Dictionary right about now. 

Our ability to see the different levels of existence will of course not hamper our ability to enjoy life the way we do now, but rather it will be even better. 

To get back to our Big Daddies of the Internet, Mr Beast is the first of his kind to break out of this daddy-sphere I would say. He is definitely the precursor to the new lifestyle I have portrayed above. I mean, just think about it, he doesn’t do a thing that mimics or imitates any of the past bygones in the way he lives his own life or in the life he creates for the rest of us. This holiest of the holy grail heroes most predominantly lives inside of his mind. He doesn’t live in mansions that the millions of dollars affords him, for one thing. He’d rather be taken to the nth degree of happiness that he derives from seeing you being elevated to the highest level, from his million in giveaways to you through the myriads of challenges he poses to you.

He has completely disassociated himself from the viciousness that is greed. While his only greed is in knowing that you are rich.

This is a humongous game changer and a very real one at that. I mean I have not scoured the Internet to find out if there are any others like Mr Beast out there, but this is UGE, just having him doing the stuff he does. The lengths to which he goes to create these massive stages and props, alone, is stupendous. He has achieved a remarkable feat, I must say.  

We have seen and been on many game shows but this is not like any of it. This is like no other. It’s one of a kind and there is no end in sight either. So while it is on, make the most of it is all I can say. 

Don’t you think the Daddies pale in the face of Mr Beast aka James Steven Donaldson.

However, Mr Beast was undoubtedly made possible by the forerunners of the the Big Daddies, who created Internet platforms through hardware and software from scratch, with technology they painstakingly developed themselves, which Mr Beast and those like him can operate from, today !

Let us hope and pray the world becomes as giving and as benevolent as Mr Beast is. Let us see more true and real philanthropy and other sorts of giving away, unlike the Old Evil faces of philanthropy. I’m talking about those who are the owners of all of those Foundations – Rockefeller, Clinton, Obama, and of course the evil Big Daddy, Bill Gates, who appears on our Internet Daddies, above, and on our Evil philanthropists, over here once again. The Evil of them all being George Soros the founder and owner of Open Society Foundations !!!!

This past bogus philanthropy is nothing like what philanthropy means to the likes of Mr Beast. We all know this to be true and real. I guess, with the advent of the globular transformation towards transparency, accountability and benevolence, Life itself will manifest into an altogether new sphere, like I’ve mentioned above – Superior !

I’m waiting for this change and I’m waiting for it like no one out there, and when it happens I will be the happiest, not only because I have been one of the first to say that this would happen, but also because it’s going to CHANGE this home we call Earth, forever !

A Couple or more of Mr Beast VIDEOS HERE, Please !

While we are at it, let’s create some NFTs now, shall we ?!

* Steve Jobs is my fave of all the Internet Daddies and I read his book, (I think it was), The Steve Jobs Way: ILeadership for a New Generation by Jay Elliot, way before his untimely and sad passing.

May Steve Jobs Rest In Peace 💜 ✝️📱 💐

May Paul Allen Rest In Peace 💜✝️ 📱💐

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